Random Nightguard drabbles

This is just a few oneshots and randomness featuring the nightguards Mike Schmidt, Jeremy Fitzgerald, Fritz Smith, Phone Guy and Purple Guy. The animatronics are in this story too. The Toy animatronics and the Originals. You might see some whacky antics you see in cartoons, the Puppet is a girl in this story and the animatronics have the ability to turn human anytime. Read, favorite and comment on the story. Also this AU takes place this year.




Vincent saw that Halloween has arrived. His joy was like as if he were a kid on Christmas Morning. He put on his costume which was a vampire costume like Dracula from the movie Hotel Transylvania. He went over to Freddy's and saw Anais dressed as a black cat. She wore cat ears, a choker necklace with a bell, a tail with a white tip and painted her face to look like she has whiskers. "Happy Halloween Count Dorkula." She said in a snarky attitude. "Well look at what the cat dragged in." He shot back. Anais didn't have a good enough comeback. Sarah came by saying, "Looks like you two are in the Halloween spirit." They decided to close the pizzeria at 4pm to let the kids go trick or treating. Sarah and Anais saw how the place was decorated. "Holy cow, you guys did a great job decorating this place. The fog machine's a nice touch." "It was Vincent's idea." Said Scott. His costume was a novelty arrow headband, Groucho glasses, whacky clothes and a rubber chicken. "Weird Al Yankovic has a point." Scott fumed at this, "I'm not Weird Al Yankovic! I happen to be a whacko comedian from the circus." "I like your comdedian costume Scott." Said Jeremy. He wore a white bedsheet with holes cut out for the eyes. In other words, he was dressed as a ghost. "Give it up ya scallywags! My costume be better than the likes of yers." Jeremy jumped with fright believing the Foxy startled him. "Don't do that Foxy!" "I ain't Foxy Jeremy. It's me Mike." He said removing the pirate hat. Mike costume was obviously wearing a pirate costume. Foxy and Mangle helped him out. Mike bought some pirate stuff and some fabric to make the costume. The Puppet did her part, who knew she was great at sewing? "I wonder what Fritz is gonna dress as this year?" Wondered Vincent. Fritz came in dressed as the Ice King from Adventure Time

Time skip

"Alright boys and girls, it's that time of year again." There were kids in line for the stage. "My friends and I see that it's Halloween." Chica nodded. "I love the candy as much I love pizza." Chirped Chica"I also love the kids dressed up in costume." Chimed Bonnie. "How 'bout we have a costume contest Freddy?" Asked Bonnie. "That's a great idea Bonnie and if whoever won can get this big bucket full of sweet candy." The kids are determined to win this costume contest to get the big bucket of candy. A young girl came up with her costume. "Hi there little girl, what's your name?" "My name's Roxy." She replied. Bonnie came toward her. "Can you tell us what your costume is?" "Ixm dressed as a rockstar princess." Replied Roxy. Roxy wore a magenta tiara, an edgy princess dress magenta and purple with one silver star, fingerless glove that are magenta and purple stripes, with a matching tutu, leggings and sneakers with rhinestones. "I like Roxy's costume. How 'bout you Freddy?" Said Bonnie. "Her costume looks cool. She may probably play with us in the band one day." Said Freddy. Chica liked Roxy's costume. "If it were if it were up to us, She's a winner in our book." Roxy got off the stage. Next came a boy dressed just like Bonnie. "Bonnie looks like we found a lookalike." The boy name is Ryan. He wore purple rabbit ears and carried a guitar that looked similar to Bonnie's. "I like this kid." 

Several kids later...

Anais came to table with a tray full of Halloween themed food. "Here's an extra large Creepy Crawly Surprise with murky Swamp Juice." It's actually a pizza with the toppings to look like spiders and worms and the soda with murky green food coloring. Roxy won the costume contest.

Trick or treating

"Bye Sarah, Bye Anais, we're going trick or treating." Anais snickered. "Something funny kitty cat?" Vincent said offended. "Guys are grown men and you still do trick or treating?" "You got a problem with that?" "Gee I don't know, Casper the Cowardly Ghost. You should've dressed like the Courage the Cowardly Dog or the Cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz." Scott chose to ignore Anais' snarky, sassy attitiude. "Let's just go trick or treating." They all went to the neighborhood to get candy. Vincent carried a big bag to get more candy. "Vincent this isn't a contest to see who can get more candy." "Cool it Scott, I'm heading to the candy hotspots I went to as a kid." A girl dressed at Rainbow Dash looked Mike. "Hey mister, aren't you too old for trick or treating?" Mike said to the girl. "You're never too old to trick or treat." Vincent returned with loads of candy. Jeremy, Fritz and Scott came back with their own candy. "I'm gonna go home and eat my candy and watch a few horror movies." Vincent made it home and got out a few horror films. He started with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. "This is gonna be good." He enjoyed horror movies since he was a teenager. His phone rang, "What?! I'm watching a scary movie!" "Uh... hello? Hello, hello? Yeah I need you to come to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza." Toy Bonnie was on the other end of the phone. "Why Scott? Can't it wait after I finish watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre?" "Uh... no. I need to come right now." "Fine whatever." Vincent hung up and got to Freddy's. "Okay Scott what's so important that you need me to come over here." Scott came over stifling his laughter. "That wasn't me Vincent it was Toy Bonnie who prank called you." Toy Bonnie was laughing hysterically. "And you totally fell for it!" "You're lucky I brought the movie I was just watching. 

A few moments later...

"That was one scary movie." Said Freddy. Balloon Boy was scared out his wits. "Goldie is there gonna be a chainsaw killer coming to get us?" Golden Freddy shook his head. Marionette was waiting for them at the prize corner. "You made it. Now we can tell a ghost story." She found a lantern and placed it in the middle. Vincent found a fake chainsaw and wore a hockey mask. "Hey BB," Balloon Boy turned to see Vincent, "Wanna see my new chainsaw and hockey mask?" BB screamed and hid behind Jeremy who got scared out of his ghost costume and hid behind the Puppet. Vincent laughed hysterically. "That wasn't very nice Vincent!" She chided. "It was funny!" "Since you love scary stuff then I don't suppose you know of... hmm... the five missing children?" Vincent stopped laughing. "The five missing strangers?" "The five missing children." "The missing kids, the lost child, wild the missing ghost souls." "Yes, the five missing children." Deadpaned Marionette. "But most people just call them the mis- AAHH! Beacuse that's all the time they have left to say before they get them." "Tell me the story!" Pleaded Vincent. "A long time ago in this pizzeria, the missing children were only an innocent group of friends. Just like all of you only younger." Vincent inched slightly. "Then one night when they were trapped here, it happened." Vincent guessed, "Their parents came after them?" "No." "A nightguard found them?" "No." "They hid somewhere?" "No! They were killed by a murderer." Jeremy was trembling in his ghost costume. "Then, he covered his tracks and stuffed their bodies in the animatronic suits. Then the murderer disappeared and no found it was him. And so every- what say is it?" "Halloween." Replied Mike. "Halloween night, their ghosts haunt this very pizzeria to reek their horrible vengence." "But tonight's Halloween night." Whimpered Jeremy. "Then they'll be coming." "How will we know?" Asked Vincent. "There are three signs that signal the approach of the five missing children; first the lights will flicker on and off and-" Mangle appeared. "Did Endo and I miss anything?" Marionette shook her head. "Next, my music box will play and nobody's winding it and finally, the sound of agonizing screams will occur in the parts and service room. Then they exit the room without making a sound beacuse they're already DEAD! Then they whisper onimous things." "No." Jeremy curled into a ball. "They appear here in this pizzeria." She did her best in spooky sounds. "They slowy approach the prize corner. And you know what they do next?" "What?" "You really want to know?" "What?" Jeremy grew even more scared. "Are you sure you want to know?" "What, what, what do they do?" Marionette got behind him saying. "They get you!" Jeremy screamed in terror. Jeremy continued screaming, "Jeremy, Jeremy I was... Jeremy it's just a story!" "It is?" "Of course it's no parents would be dumb enough to leave their children here at night." "Oh, what a relief."

Some time later...

Still at the prize corner, Mike and Jereny were doing a candy exchange. Jeremy traded his taffy for Mike's skittles. They suddenly heard a noise. It was a thumping noise. Balloon Boy popped out of a vent which startled Jeremy. "Isn't it great you guys? I never get to crawl though the vents during the day." "Annoying Balloon Brat. Can't a guy do a decent candy trade in peace?" The lights suddenly flickered on and off. "Ha ha very funny Puppet." "What?" She asked coming our her box. "The lights will flicker on an off just like the story I get it." He saw a light switich that looked pretty old. "Hey Mike, how are you doing that without moving the switxh?" Asked BB. "I'm not doing it! It must be the wiring or something? Sarah should call an electrician to get the place to last all night." He heard the music box play on it's own. Vincent smirked, "Nice try Mike; 'The Puppet's music box will play on it own with no one winding it.' Heh, you crack me up." "Vincent I'm not doing this. Okay Mike calm down, calm down. Now what was it? There was the lights and the music box and the walls will ooze blood?! No wait, That Vincent when he decorated this place. But what was that 3rd thing?" The tempurature suddenly dropped. "I didn't know the AC could get this cold." Shivered Fritz. "It doesn't." Said Mike. "Well it got cold of a sudden." He heard agonizing screams of children. "The lost souls, the missing k-kids..." "The five missing children." Jeremy got scared. "At least you guys understand. We're doomed." "No, I'm just so tuch that Vincent would go to the trouble to faking agonizing child screams and drop the tempurature just to scare me. You must really hat me." Scott panicked, "Jeremy there are two problems with your theory: One, we don't hate you and two, how could that be Vincent when he is right here with us?!" They heard creepy ghostly whispers. All the nightguards screamed in terror. "THE FIVE MISSING CHILDREN!" The shadowy figure came towards them in the dark. "Scott no matter what I've said, I sort of liked you!" "Vincent I was the one who Toy Bonnie to prank call you!" Confessed Scott. "What?!" He said outraged. "GET AWAY! GET AWAY! YOU'RE NOT WELCOME HERE!" In the light it revealed the Originals in their human forms. "Can we join in on the Halloween fun? We went trick or treating. We tried to get Mari's music box to be louder but turned it down 'cause Chica didn't want it to be noisy." "Can you tell a ghost story?" Asked Fritz. Marionette was confused. "Wait of that was you guys messing with my music box and responsible for the tempurarure dropping, then who was flickering the lights?" The lights flickered on and off again. Vincent saw that it was one of the ghost children. They all looked at each other. Then, they all screamed and crashed through the wall of the pizzeria and drove back home. "Arr, will they explain this to Sarah?" Wondered Foxy. "We can fix it soon." Assured Freddy.

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