Random Nightguard drabbles

This is just a few oneshots and randomness featuring the nightguards Mike Schmidt, Jeremy Fitzgerald, Fritz Smith, Phone Guy and Purple Guy. The animatronics are in this story too. The Toy animatronics and the Originals. You might see some whacky antics you see in cartoons, the Puppet is a girl in this story and the animatronics have the ability to turn human anytime. Read, favorite and comment on the story. Also this AU takes place this year.


6. Decorating for Halloween

Vincent went into the storage room to find a box of old decorations for Halloween. "What's in the box?" Asked Toy Freddy. Vincent opened the box revealing old Halloween decorations which consisted of old faded paper skeleton dolls, Jack o lantern paper chains, what looks like a skeleton made from old foam cups and tinfoil, paper skull chains, paper doll zombies and old tinfoil chains. "We use these decorations every year." "Yeah, back when Max Thorton used to be our boss." Mike said dropping the old paper skeleton dolls. "Not to mention he made us make these decorations because he was too cheap to buy any decent ones." Added Fritz. "I agree." Jeremy said accidentally wrapping himself in the pumpkin paper chain. "Well, I'm not letting you guys decorate our pizzeria with old, cruddy decorations." Said Freddy unwrapping Jeremy. "What do you mean Freddy?" "I mean, I'll let you guys buy some decent decorations." Vincent looked at the box then at Freddy. "I'm listening." The Puppet came out her box saying. "I heard Sarah talking about a Party City that's at a shopping mall a few miles away from here." Freddy gave a smirk. "Let's go. I'll start the car." Vincent went out to his car and got everyone in. "According to Mari, she said that Party City is at a mall so let's go." Vincent turned on the radio and a song from Puffy AmiYumi came on, Planet Tokyo. As they drove, They sang along to the song. After some time, they thought of how they'll decorate the pizzeria. If they get good decorations they'll hopefully impress not only the animatronics but Sarah and Anais. Then Haddaway's song What Is Love came on. "My jam!" Hollered Vincent. A few moments later... They made it to the shopping mall to head to Party City. "Let's see what decoartions we're looking for." Scott thought of an idea, "Why don't we split up and when we meet up we'll choose which decorations we'll use for Freddy's." They all split up and went to find ideal Halloween decorations. Vincent found some fake blood, a scary clown prop, a fog machine, blacklights, a treat bowl with a zombie hand, vampire teeth, a Grim Reaper hanging prop, a bloodstained chainsaw and a few tombstones. Mike found some black, orange, green and purple garland, a skeleton that's not too scary, fake cobwebs, a fake tombstone, a Frankenstien monster prop and a treasure chest prop for Foxy in Pirate's Cove. Jeremy found some not so scary decorations, Fritz found mildly scary decorations and Scott got some kid and teen friendly decorations. "Check out this cool stuff I found." Vincent said showing his haul on decorations. "Vincent, I don't think anyone's gonna like a psychotic clown in Freddy's and fake blood oozing from the walls. Nor the Grim Reaper hanging over our heads." Said Scott. "I personally like the fog machine, black lights and tombstones." Mike liked Jeremy and Fritz's choices in decorations. "No offense Jeremy but your taste in decorating for Halloween is weak sauce." Said Vincent. "Why not buy all this stuff and decorate the pizzeria and see how it looks before Halloween?" Suggested Scott. The others agreed and bought the decorations. They drove back to Freddy's with the decorations at hand. "I see that your shopping trip went well." Said Toy Bonnie tuning his guitar. "Let's get decorating. Vincent you go first." Vincent gave a creepy smile saying, "With pleasure Scott." Vincent decorated the entire pizzeria and got Mangle hung in her corner at Kid's Cove with some transparent strong strings covered in fake cobwebs and some fake blood smearing her face. He didn't know she was in her human form. She glared daggers at him seeing that he made a boneheaded move like that. "When I get down from here I will maim you!" "I'll get you down after Halloween Mangle don't maim me." He said running off. She was hung by her wrists and ankles. Foxy saw her. "Mangle lass, why are ye hanging there covered in blood? Did ye kill someone?" He asked. "Vincent hung me here and I'm about to kill him for this." She snarled bearing her sharp teeth and her side bang revealed her right eye which was black with a white dot. "I'll get ye down lass." Foxy used his hook hand to cut the strings from her ankles and wrists. After she was free she landed in Foxy's arms. "Thanks Foxy." "YEaH ThAnK yOu FoXy." Replied Endo. Vincent finished decorating and showed everyone his handiwork. "Vincent last time I checked this a kid friendly pizzeria not a scary haunted house." Scott said bluntly. There were fake cobwebs, fake blood oozing from the walls a scary clown at the entrance, tombstones, the fog machine, blacklights and a Grim Reaper hanging above their heads. "We can keep the black lights, fog machine and some tombstones." Said Mike. Scott took down the too scary decorations that Vincent used and saw a furious Mangle with her face smeared with fake blood and her white hair with fake cobwebs with tiny pretend spiders. "Mangle... I'll... um...get that... off." Scott awkwardly got some of the cobwebs off her hair and wiped some fake blood off. He got a cobweb of Endo. "Better?" Mangle's fury cooled down and smiled saying, "Much better."  "ThAnKs ScOtT."  Mike gave Foxy the pretend treasure chest for him to have in Pirate's Cove. "Thank ye Mike. Me cove could use a treasure chest." Mike continued to add his decorations with Fritz and Jeremy who added a silly ghost decoration. They marveled their handiwork on decorating the pizzeria for Halloween. "I can't wait to see the look on everyone's faces when they see what a great job we did." Freddy and the originals along with Toy Freddy and the toy counterparts with Balloon Boy, the Puppet, Golden Freddy(Goldie) and Spring Bonnie(Springy or Springtrap) (A/N: Springy is my personal favorite and so is Goldie for Golden Freddy) saw how the place was decorated. "You could say we worked together on this. It's just the right amount of spooky for the kids and their parents."

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