Random Nightguard drabbles

This is just a few oneshots and randomness featuring the nightguards Mike Schmidt, Jeremy Fitzgerald, Fritz Smith, Phone Guy and Purple Guy. The animatronics are in this story too. The Toy animatronics and the Originals. You might see some whacky antics you see in cartoons, the Puppet is a girl in this story and the animatronics have the ability to turn human anytime. Read, favorite and comment on the story. Also this AU takes place this year.


25. Anime road trip

Anais ran up to Jeremy with the biggest grin on her face. "Jeremy," She began, still smiling like a crazy yandere. "WE'RE GOING TO DERPY CON!" She said screaming with complete joy. "Derpy Con?! I always wanted to go there next to Japan where I can one day live there and someday become a manga author." Sarah came up to them. "What's with all the excitement? I can hear you guys squealing and screaming in my office like a bunch of fangirls who got tickets to a Justin Bieber concert." Anais explained to her about Derpy Con and why they were excited in the first place. "So where is that anime convention at?" She whispered into Jeremy's ear and told Sarah, "It's in New Jersey." They said in unison. "That's delightful and-NEW JERSEY?!" Jeremy hid behind the ginger haired waitress. She took a deep breath. "You two are planning to fly to New Jersey for Derpy Con?" Both of them shook their heads. "Who said anything about taking a plane?" They went outside to find a minivan with some anime stickers and designs with some teens, tweens and a man wearing a One Punch Man t-shirt with brown hair that was styled to look like Eren's. "A minivan?" The man looked quite hurt. "This is more than not-my-mom's-minivan-that-I-borrowed, I call it, the Otaku Mobile." Jeremy strolled over. "Sarah, meet Kevin. He's a friend of mine who runs the local Anime Club that I go to on the 1st Saturday of every month." He explains. "It's nice to meet you, Kevin. I'm assuming that you're all going to Derpy Con too." She said in a whisper, "Do their parents know about this?" Kevin nodded. "Their parents and legal guardians signed the forms letting them go on this trip." Sarah approached the two. "You guys are gonna be driving cross-country from Michigan to New Jersey. I wish you luck on your road trip." Anais and Jeremy ran off to get their cosplays and bags packed for this trip. "There's one more thing, Vincent's coming along." "WHAT?!" They both cried. "Yeah, what?!" Vincent said mildly outraged. "Sarah, can we talk somewhere in private?" She nodded. They went behind the building together. "Are you serious?! Is this about the time I nearly burned down the pizzeria because of a really big @$$ spider I found the break room? Or was about the time I blackmailed Tammy for having not so natural ruby red hair?" She objected. "No, it's not and- wait what?! You nearly burned the pizzeria down because of a spider?!" She said raising her voice. "It was big, hairy and looked like it wanted to kill me! But that's not the point! Why make me go with them?!" She looked into his violet eyes saying, "Vincent, I know you hate anime and going to conventions like this. But please, bear with it and it's high time you, Jeremy and Anais start bonding. I'll even give that raise you wanted so badly if you go with them." His eyes widened a bit. "You had me on giving me a raise. I'll go with them." 'Yes!' She thought to herself. "Good, now get your stuff ready and bring me something from New Jersey." Vincent called up his roommate, Carrie to bring some stuff for him. "I made it." Vincent became startled. "Don't do that Carrie! You goth kids can be a bit surprising sometimes." She gave him the bags and an Attack on Titan jacket with the Scout Regiment symbol. "Isn't this Jeremy's lame @$$ jacket?" She shushed him. "That weeb always leaves his spare key in a rosebush. And no, I didn't break in." He shrugged. "At least I have something to wear for this Weeaboo convention." He mumbled. "Carrie, while I'm gone, you're in charge of keeping my house in one piece." She just looked at him blankly. "You cannot tell but, I'm excited that you're leaving me in charge."

"All right my fellow otakus, you got your cosplays and props?" They all showed their cosplays. "I am Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon and I have my Moon Stick." "I'm dressed as Mikasa Ackerman and my cosplay is on fleek." "I got my Naruto cosplay!" "I'm dressed as a Japanese school girl with a push and play knife I got." "I'm Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid!" Vincent became annoyed. "And I am trapped in a van full of weebs." They began their journey to New Jersey what Vincent did was stare at the window and not talk to anyone. "Jeremy, what cosplays did you bring?" Asked Anais. "I brought my Sebastian Michaelis cosplay that I bought on a cosplay website and there's plenty of more where it came from." Kevin turned on radio saying, "What's a road trip without music?" The radio played I Kissed A Girl by Katy Perry. "I kissed Grell Sutcliff and I loved it..." Sang a girl. This made Vincent use his Beats headphones that he bought sometime ago listening to Pantera since it reminded him of his goth roommate, Carrie. "Nice vocals there, Ciara." Called out Kevin. Anais began reading Attack on Titan on her phone because she couldn't bring all of her manga. "Did you read chapter 84? I read it and-" The ginger haired waitress smacked the kid upside the head. "I didn't get that far yet and don't spoil it for me, kid!" "Yeah, no one likes a spoiler, Eric." Jeremy gave a sheepish smile, "I see you've met Eric. He has a bit of a nasty habit on spoiling manga and anime that we either didn't read or watch. But we've been helping him curb it though. Last Saturday, Kevin got him to read a certain manga or watch an anime and to not  read the next chapter and/or episode until everyone is on the same page." He explains. "Oh look, it's the World's Biggest Ball of Twine." Vincent said sarcastically. "Good looking out! Who wants to take a cosplay picture with the Biggest Ball of Twine?!" The van erupted with excited voices. "Great! Since this isn't in our itinerary, we're gonna wing it!" Hollered Kevin. Vincent stepped out to find Anais and Jeremy all dressed up in their cosplays. "I was being sarcastic. I didn't literally think we stop here." He got the jacket on and got in the group picture. "Everyone get together and do your best anime pose and Vincent, dedicate your heart to humanity!" He gave the salute with an annoyed look on his face. After they took the picture, Ciara was dressed as Ciel held her phone with the camera set up. "Sebastian, I order you to take a picture of me with this enormous ball made of twine." Jeremy mustered up his best British accent while trying not to laugh saying, "As you wish, my Lord." He took the picture, changed out of the cosplay and went into the gift shop buying a postcard to send Sarah. "That was fun, we should make stops like these more often." Said Kevin. "Before we leave let's who's here; Riley?" "Here." "Eric?" "Here." "Ciara?" "Here." "Lana?" "Here." "Jenny?" "Here." "Vanessa?" "Here." "Cody?" "Here." "Mina?" "Here." "Anais?" "Here." "Jeremy?" "Here." "Jasper?" "Here." "Oliver?" "Here." "Suzy?" "Here." "Lisanna?" "Here and it's 'Lisa"." "Finally, Vincent." "Never wanted to be here." "Great! Everyone's present and accounted for. Now, onward to New Jersey!" Vincent was in the front seat next to Kevin. "Vincent, do me a favor and grab my phone?" Vincent got the smartphone and set Pandora up. "Just connect the auxiliary cord and music will start playing all over the car." Vincent decided to be the "car DJ" and without knowing, the car blasted with Vocaloid. "Thanks Vincent!" Cried the teens and tweens in the backseat. "This is gonna be a long trip." They stopped at a motel for the night and plan to continue early in the morning. Vincent requested for a room of his own.

"We got intel that the two manga authors, Hajime Isayama and Yana Toboso are gonna make an appearance there and by 'intel', I mean, that I just read it on the official Derpy Con webpage." The minivan erupted with excitement. "If we meet Isayama-San maybe he'll tell us what will happen for chapter 85 or what's in the basement!" "SHUT UP ERIC!" Everyone yelled. "An otaku can dream." He said sinking into his seat. "I know you're all excited; but, there is no need to split any hairs or in some cases, cut any napes." Said Kevin. "I see you trying to cut the nape of Eric's neck there, Riley! FYI, those blades you made yourself, are made of foam, cardboard, tinfoil, a bit of spray paint and regular paint." Riley sank down on her seat crossing her arms.

​"Yes, I got the postcard and picture of all of you with the World's Biggest Ball of Twine. Vincent thought he was being sarcastic? So where are you guys now? You got lost? Somewhere in Kentucky? I hope you guys find your way back. Okay, bye now." Sarah hung up and looked at the photograph of them with the biggest ball of twine."

"What do you mean the head gasket's blown?! I got a van full of otakus that are desperate to go to Derpy Con!" Some of the kids were on their phones talking to their parents or messing with the auto parts in the shop. "I even promised their parents and legal guardians that they'd have a good time, good, clean fun and that they all came back in one piece!" The mechanic wiped some grease off her forehead. "I don't know what to tell you? The gasket's blown and you have three choices; you either leave the van in the shop to get it fixed, take a flight to New Jersey or rent another car or in this case, an RV." Vincent whipped out his phone. "Vincent what are you doing?" Asked Anais. "I'm calling to see if I can get plane ticket for a flight back to Grand Rapids as soon as possible." Jeremy frowned at this. "Vincent you can't give up now. We're only 8 States away from Derpy Con." Vincent snapped. "SCREW DERPY CON! I NEVER ASKED FOR ANY OF THIS! I NEVER ASKED TO BE STUCK WITH A BUNCH OF WEEBS LIKE YOU! THIS TRIP HAS BEEN NOTHING BUT A TRAIN WRECK OF WEEBS AND STUPIDITY!" Jeremy was really hurt by this. He took off the scout jacket revealing his dark purple shirt and tossed it to Jeremy. "You, your little girlfriend, and misfit friends can head to your weeb con for all I care. I'm going home!" He ran after his friend. "Vincent wait!" Anais stopped him. "Let him go, Jeremy. He just needs time to calm down and the nearest airport is like 150 miles away." Vincent walked the empty road grumbling to himself. "This trip was a disaster anyway." He felt a raindrop on his head. "What the-" He looked up to see that it began to rain hard. "You gotta be kidding me?!" He trudged through the pouring rain while trying to get a ride from someone. He heard a loud car horn. He turned to see it was Jeremy and his friends in the van. "I know you said you never wanted to come with us. I get it, not everyone likes anime like we do." He moved some of his wet purple hair. "Why? Why do something this nice after I yelled at you?" "You know very well that I'm one of those people who don't hold a grudge. In fact, I forgive you, Vincent." He got in the car all drenched from the rain. "Here, use this Sword Art Online beach towel to dry yourself off. We can't afford anyone getting sick on this trip." Said Kevin. "How were you able to get the van fixed?" Asked Vincent. "Becky just found a new head gasket in the shop it's just like old one and got the Otaku Mobile good as new and the engine is purring like a little neko." "I may not have a clue on what the heck you just said, but, I'm just glad we're not stranded in some town in Kentucky." Jeremy got his ipad set up to play Tell Your World by Hatsune Miku. They drove through the 8 remaining States to New Jersey while making some stops and sightseeing for a bit.

They finally reached New Jersey and stayed at a nice hotel which was better than that gross, dingy, weird smelling motel they stayed at in West Virginia. "This beats staying at that weird-smelling motel." Anais interrupted, "To be honest, it kinda smelled like the inside of a titan's stomach or raccoons mating." "Get some rest guys. We gotta be up bright and early for Derpy Con." Everyone slept soundly for the night. Anais quietly got to her bag and found her body pillow of Sebastian from Black Butler. "I can't sleep without my Sebby." She whispered. It was 4:59 AM and Kevin woke everyone up. "GUYS! THE TITANS ARE WRECKING NEW JERSEY!" This alarmed everyone. "We're all gonna die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "Someone hold me!" One kid hid in a fort made of comforters, pillows and sheets. "Good thing I slept in most of my cosplay!" Riley jumped out of bed and got her blades and 3DMG ready for the so called titan attack. "I knew this day would come!" "False alarm, there are no titans... yet." Vincent was on the floor wearing only his boxer shorts. "What the actual heck man! It's 5 in the morning. I need sleep." "It's con day everyone! Get your cosplays ready and let's head down to the convention center for Derpy Con." Vincent got dressed and wore the Attack on Titan jacket. "How do I look?" Anais was dressed as Lady Phantomhive which was actually Ciel crossdressing in Black Butler. "You look perfect." Ciara got special custom made color contacts that made her eyes look like Ciel's. "Is everyone ready to go?" Everyone was all dressed up in their cosplays with their props and phones. "I'm so excited!" They all had an awesome time at the convention from playing video games, interacting with other cosplayers and  got the chance of meeting the manga authors, Hajime Isayama and Yana Toboso. Anais nearly had a fangirl seizure when she met them and showed her the two fanfictions she wrote herself. One of Attack on Titan starring her and Jeremy and a Black Butler fanfic starring herself.

Derpy Con was a huge hit and they all traveled back to Michigan in the Otaku Mobile even though Vincent wanted to take a plane back, the others objected. "We had quite the adventure; right guys?" Kevin dropped everyone off to their home and stopped at Freddy's where they were greeted by Sarah. "Welcome back you guys!" "We had the time of our lives!" Vincent gave Sarah a Star Wars custom made light saber. "You got me a light saber?" She activated it and it changes to different colors. "Looks like someone deserves that raise they always wanted."

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