Random Nightguard drabbles

This is just a few oneshots and randomness featuring the nightguards Mike Schmidt, Jeremy Fitzgerald, Fritz Smith, Phone Guy and Purple Guy. The animatronics are in this story too. The Toy animatronics and the Originals. You might see some whacky antics you see in cartoons, the Puppet is a girl in this story and the animatronics have the ability to turn human anytime. Read, favorite and comment on the story. Also this AU takes place this year.


23. Anais the fanfiction writer

It was the weekend and Anais was in her house on her laptop wearing a Black Butler t-shirt and tied some of her ginger hair to a messy side ponytail. "No, that's not it." She typed again and smiled at her handiwork. She heard a knock on the door. "Who could that be? I wasn't expecting company." She got up from the sofa and opened the door to find Mike and Jeremy. "Hi guys." "Hey Anais." Jeremy liked her t-shirt and she was wearing the Wings of Freedom necklace he gave her. "C'mon in guys. I made some chocolate chip cookies." Anais was good at baking stuff and cookies are her specialty. "Anais, did you hear that the 2nd season of Attack on Titan is gonna be pushed back for another year?" She nearly dropped her glass. "WHAT?!" Jeremy nodded. "Luckily, I have almost the entire manga series for me to read." Her bookshelf was full of different manga, comic books, graphic novels, romance novels and some plushies of different anime characters. Mike noticed her laptop it had some anime themed stickers on it. "Huh? What's this? 'Sebastian stared lovingly into Anais' green/gold eyes as she looked at him in his blood red ones...' She saw in checking out her laptop. "Hey! Give it back Schmidt!" Mike dodged her. "Nope. Hey Jeremy! Think fast!" He caught her laptop and handed it to her. "Thanks Jeremy. Mike can you like... leave? As in, now?!" Mike rolled his eyes and left. "Anais, what was that about?" She blushed a bit. "What Mike was reading on my laptop, it's a Black Butler fanfiction I was working on to post on my Tumblr." She said slightly embarrassed. "C-can I take a look?" She nodded in approval handing him the laptop. "It's really amazing and so creative. I write fanfiction too see?" He handed her his ipad showing her an Attack on Titan fanfiction starring himself. "Maybe you and I should get together and write some fanfiction sometime." Anais smiled at him. "That sounds like a great idea. I'll read your fanfiction and you read mine." Jeremy handed his ipad to Anais who handed him her laptop. "Anais. I thought Levi was your favorite anime crush." She shook her head. "Oh, Jeremy as an otaku, I have more than one anime crush; there's Sebastian from Black Butler, Captain Levi from Attack on Titan, Gray from Fairy Tail, Speed-o-sound Sonic from One Punch Man, Saitama also from One Punch Man, I kinda like Sasuke from Naruto and there's Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon." What they don't know is that someone was spying on them and it was Vincent on top of a tree with a pair of binoculars. "Oh Anais, I ain't the only one who knows that you're in love with Jeremy. I'll find proof that you two are dating one way or another." He heard something snap. It was the tree branch breaking. "You've got to be kidding me?" The branch broke making Vincent fall into a swimming pool in Anais' backyard. "When did Anais install a pool in her backyard?" He swam out and headed home. "You have a great taste in anime." Said Jeremy. "So do you. Wanna read some manga?" He nodded excitedly. "Take your pick. I got ​SoulEater, Naruto, Black Butler, The Unofficial Hatsune Mix, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Codename: Sailor V, Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online, some One Piece, Hetalia and One Punch Man.​" Jeremy picked out Attack on Titan. "I like what you're thinking. We can portray what will happen in the second season. It'll give us an idea on what'll happen next." Anais and Jeremy spent the day reading and discussing the manga series together.

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