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  • Published: 17 Oct 2015
  • Updated: 17 Oct 2016
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Each day in a year i'm gonna write a quote from a fandom, i'm in.. And u know.. Then there will be alot of quotes xD

Which means i begin 17/10 2015 and end it 17/10 2016! Hope you people will enjoy it!


182. 15 - 04 - 2016

I  want  you to tell your men
to      run       away.
Those   words:    run   away.
I  want  you  to  be  famous
for those exact words.
I  want  people  to  call  you
Colonel Run Away.
I want children laughing outside your door
because they've found the house of

Colonel Run Away.
And when people come to you
and ask if trying to get to me trough people
I         LOVE

is in any way a good idea
I  want  you  to  tell  them
your          name.


-The Doctor Who fandom

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