BoyBands, Beaches and... Hannah?!



4. CHAPTER #3: Doughnuts Video Games and Phones


The band also known as 5 SOS was on their way to Michael's when Calum asked the question that was on all the boys minds.

"Dude, what was on the paper?" Calum asked as Luke listenned in while Michael was listenning to NIRVANA on his IPod.

"Yeah, tell us what was on the paper!!" Michael shouted as Luke grabbed Michaels ear buds and yanked them out of his ears.

"Stop shouting!!" Luke shouted at Michael.

"Haha sorry dude, but seriously, what was on the paper? Ooh, was it a booty call?" he said nudging Ashtons arm with his elbow.

"Arg, man, i just met her, anyway it was just when and where we are going to meet" Ashton explained.

"Oh so it was a booty call" Michael continued with his elbowing "and anyway arent you gonna hang at my place with Nathan, you didnt forget that its Calums birthday today?"

"What, oh man i forgot we were going to your place" Ashton said with his head in his hands.

Luke piped up and said "dont worry about it, anyway the note is probably unreadable, you did go swimming with it in your pocket."

Ashton gasped hitting his forhead with brows furrowed "how stupid am I?"

"Really stupid" Michael answered.

Ashton elbowed him in the stomach "it was a rhetorical question, idiot."

Michael mumbled a 'sorry'.

Calum placed his hand on Ashtons shoulder "calm down and dont worry about it, we'll probably see them again."

"Hey lets go to my place for doughnuts, and talk it over" Michael said.

"Thats the kindest thing you've said all day" Calum stated while patting Michaels back.


"So what are you gonna do about this?" Luke asked as Ashton sat on the sofa.

"Sleep" Ashton replied, lying along the sofa with a pillow on his face.

"You cant just do nothing" Michael shouted with a doughnut in his mouth.

"I agree with Ashton, he should do nothing" Luke said sitting on the arm of the sofa.

"Hey you guys ain't thinking straight, lets play video games, that'll help" Michael threw his fist in the air and hit Ashton and Luke in the head with an Xbox controller.

"I swear the hair dye is killing his brain cells" Calum muttered.

"Hey, Nathan should have been here by now, has he texted anyone yet?" Calum asked.

All the guys checked their phones.



"I got a text from mum saying 'Hun, you forgot the cream, keep away from sand' smiley face, what the-" Michael stopped, eyes wide.

"Mike, that dont look like your phone" Ashton stated.

"Duh, dude, thats because it isnt" Michael answered.

"Who's is it then?" Luke shouted.

"I think its Daisy's" He said scratching his head.

"And how did you end up with Daisy's phone?" Calum questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"Thats something, not to be shared!!" he shouted in reply.

"Ok, why dont we text Hannah or Sandy and tell them wh-" Calum stopped talking when Daisys phone started ringing.

"Is someone gonna answer that?" Luke asked.

"I will" Michael pressed answer and held the phone up to his ear "yo Michael Clifford speaking from the 1 and only Daisys phone, how may i help you?" he spoke down the phone and jumped ontop of Ashton.

"Michael!! You've got Daisy's phone?" Hannah shouted through the phone.

"Hannah hey, you've got my phone?" Michael shouted and nugded Ashton "Hey I'm busy right now but Ashton isnt, say hi to Daisy for me!" Michael gave the phone to Ashton and started playing fifa.

"Hi, Hannah" Ashton said unsure of what to say.

"H-H-Hi Ashton" Hannah stuttered suddenly the line went quiet and all he could hear was Sandy telling Hannah to calm down.


"Sorry Ashton" Hannah mumbled.

"Hey, if I text you our address, would you be able to you know, maybe-" Ashton was cut off by Luke grabbing the phone.

"What Ashton is trying to say, would it be possible for you to come round Michaels if we gave you the address" Luke said, frustrated with Ashton.

"Sure, i think i can catch a taxi" Hannah muttered down the phone.

Michael grabbed the phone from Luke "hey Hannah, bring Daisy and Sandy with you, oh and text Sykes-y the adress for me, thanks babe" he threw the phone at Ashton and carried on with fifa.

"Ok we'll be there" Hannah replied excitedly.

"Bye" Ashton said.

"Bye" Hannah replied.




Luke took the phone from Ashton (Again) and shouted "BYE!" then he hung up.

"Goddammit man you act like a teenage girl" Luke huffed.


"What did they say?" Daisy asked.

"They said they will text us the address, then forward it to Nathan" Hannah replied.

"OH MY GOD!Are we going to meet Nathan Sykes?" Sandy squealed.

Daisy put her hand over Sandys mouth "CALM DOWN!!You look like you belong in an insane asylum."

"Well should we be going?" Hannah asked.

"Yess!!" all the girls squealed at the same time.

"We're gong to 5 Seconds Of Summers house!"

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