Didn't Turn Back

Buffy the vampire slayer. Buffy doesn't go back to Willow at the end of Wrecked. Hours later Spike finds Willow with a bruised head and shredded arms nearly dead. Love vs guilt.


25. There's Only One Thing Stronger Than Evil

Tara's eyes flood with black range and her veins are pumped full of dark, starting at her eyes and working its way throughout her body. And slowly a cloud of black surges from her eyes. The cloud gains size as her body, which had acted like a door into this reality for the dark magic, empties of the blackness.

Soon the cloud was gargantuous and only a wisp of it still infected Tara. The scream ends and finally the cloud is out and writhing in front of the witch. Acting as its door had caused unbelievable pain to the blonde and fear quaked inside of her now.

The pure black cloud swirled into the shape of a body. Its churning mass solidifies into the long black cascade of hair, into the pools of never ending dark, into the veins pumping eternity through her, into the skin that had drained of all color leaving it freakishly white, into The Dark Witch, into The Dark Willow.

Tara's eyes widened and the months of horrific sorrow flooded into her mind. Tears welled in her eyes and the name of girl she loved so much, the name of the girl she never wanted to be without, the name of the girl that had made her life worth living, passed through her trembling lips.

“Willow.” Pain, sorrow, guilt, fear, and every other emotion fled her mind as only the joyous memories of their lives together danced before her.

Dark Willow's time in the worsts hell had been going for thousands of years and the only memory she had of the blonde were her words “If I didn't love you so damn much I would!” but after mere minutes in the hell had shortened them to “I didn't love you!”

But seeing Tara now, hearing her voice, the memory of Tara's words that came to her were “It's a long... important process, and... can we just skip it? Can-can you just be kissing me now?”

“Willow.” Tara's breaths were coming in fast, short puffs and a beautifully painful joy laced all her being. She moved with incredible to The Dark Witch, her fingers tangling in Dark Willow's hair and she pressed her lips to her beloved.

Dark Willow wrapped Tara in her arms and black and white energy span out and around them. At seeing her love alive again Tara's magic lost all traces of the dark that had slowly been filling her from the pain and horrific terror of the past months, making her ora pure light. But more, the forever blue skies living in her eyes shone white and her hair in waves of gold.

Willow's ora of endless black cracked and the cracks were enveloped in Tara's light. Their merged power surged out and danced in the shaking reality of this dimension.

Never before had this plane known such magic. Forever growing white and never ending black. Surging day and swirling night. Tara and Willow.

But the love in Willow for Tara forced her dark magic to concede and burn like a stars light. Strand after strand of Willow's hair turned red and the light in Tara's eyes filled Willow's to. The veins of darkness surrendered to its opposite, and the color that'd drained from her skin came back.

They parted and stared into the others eyes. Tara's returned to the skies, and Willow's regained to their green.

“I love you.” Tara tells Willow, she'd meant nothing as much as she meant this. “I love you.” Willow told the blonde in undying truth. Their lips pressed against one another again.

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