Didn't Turn Back

Buffy the vampire slayer. Buffy doesn't go back to Willow at the end of Wrecked. Hours later Spike finds Willow with a bruised head and shredded arms nearly dead. Love vs guilt.


24. Skip Ahead

[Hell-Mouth, The Day Sunnydale Sung In The TV Show]> The cliff edge is a few feet away, the gate of hell behind them.

Spike goes to Buffy's side, the cord of his amulet around his neck and his left hand is holding the silver caged jewel up for him to see. “Not to be a buzzkill, love, but my fabulous accessory isn't exactly tingling with power.”

Absent-mindedly Buffy tells him she's not worried, then slowly walks closer to the cliffs edge. “I'm getting zero juice here, and I look like Elizabeth Taylor.” Spike adds.

“Cheer up, Liz. Tara's big spell doesn't work, it won't matter what you wear.” Faith tells him as the group moves forward with Buffy. They all stop just before the edge. Thousands of Turok-Han are waiting below the cliff. Snarling and growling in anticipation for the fight with the slayers, vampire and potentials.

Spike leans forward to see over the edge, fear is visible on his face.

“I'm not worried.” Buffy says again, very unconvincingly. ”Really?” Rona asks rhetorically. “Cause I'm flashing back to Xander's whole bathroom speech.” A frightened Amanda says Buffy's name.

“I'm not worried,” Buffy says psyching herself up. “As long as Tara can work her spell before they,” The turok-Han fall silent and all stare up at the vampire and group of humans. “See us.”She finishes in a high voice.

The Turok-Han run at and up the side of the cliff. The blonde Slayer says Tara's name, as if to tell her friend to do the spell now.

Tara puts her hands on Scythe and her breathing gets heavier. Her eyes open wide.


Her voice comes out breathy and tipped with slight fear. “Oh my goddess.” The Scythe flashes white light and Tara is thrown into the wall behind her.

Violet rushes to the witch. “Tara? Tara?” She asks frantically and fearfully. “Tara, you have wake up. Did you do the spell” “Don't think so Vie. I'm not feeling any different.” Kennedy says as she to goes to the blonde.

She puts 2 fingers on Tara's neck just below her jaw to check her pulse. “Okay, she's okay, just knocked out. If we can't wake her up we should take her up to the bus.” Violet nods and lightly shakes Tara by the shoulders to rouse her, but to no avail.

“You'll never get her up like that Vie.” Kennedy says before grabbing the blondes shoulder and roughly shaking her. “Tara! Tara! You gotta get up. Come on Tar!” Nothing.

The brunette ceases and says “Okay, she's out, lets get her to the bus.” “kay.” Violet agrees. Kennedy sheathes her sword and hooks her arms under Tara's armpits and Violet awkwardly tucks the Scythe under her arm and takes up Tara's feet.

The 2 carry the witch out of the principles office and out of the school. Once outside Violet puts Tara's feet back on the ground and quickly goes to open the bus door. She goes back and helps Kennedy maneuver Tara through the bus door and onto a seat.

Violet looks at Tara with distress. “Is she gonna be alright?” “She should be, you stay with her. I'm going to get this,” She holds up the Scythe. “to Buffy and help them fight.” “Okay.” Violet says and Kennedy runs back into the school, leaving her sword with Violet and taking the Scythe with her. She cuts down several bringers on her way.

The potential has just entered the room in the basement where the open seal is and stops in her tracks as Faith emerges. Her clothes were tattered, her hair a mess with some parts ripped and she has bleeding cuts and lots of bruises. Though the expression on her face is the most frightening part.

The oh so confident and relaxed woman, who had only shown sorrow, guilt, fun, pride and a lust for battle for all the time Kennedy had seen or known her, looks utterly terrified.

“Run!” Faith bellows at the brunette with a fear filled voice as she finishes climbing out the open seal and runs as fast as slayerly possible. Kennedy stands frozen in fear and confusion.

Confusion at what had reduced Faith to the definition of scared and fear at that same thing. Buffy climbs out a few seconds later splattered with blood and a hollowness in her eyes. Spike soon follows, pure fury on his vampiric face and blood and dust on his hands and ripped coat.

“Buf-” Kennedy starts but the Slayer grabs her arm and pulls her along as they run, Kennedy's shock fades enough for her to run back to the bus.

[Wolfram & Heart LA Headquarters, Angel's Office, Time: Angel Season 5 Episode 2]> “I'm s-so sorry. It-it-it's all m-my fault. I'm s-so s-sorry.” Tara says with her head down, shoulders forward and her hands in her lap.

“No one's ever tried a spell like that before, Tara. It probably isn't even possible for a spell like that to work.” The slayer says with defeat in her voice, but trying to sound reassuring.

“It's not your fault Tara.” Giles adds from his spot right of the door. “As Buffy said, it's probably impossible to do. You shouldn't blame yourself.” “It doesn't matter now anyway,” Angel, who's leaning on the front of his desk with his arms crossed, says. All eyes turn to him.

“What matters now is that we kill every last Turok-Han in this dimension.” Authority laces his voice. “I was barely able to kill a 1.” Buffy says in a kind of daze. Angel turns to her. “We've got endless resources here, we can stop them and the first, Buffy. We just need a plan.”

Giles takes off his glasses to clean on his shirt, his face showing he's in heavy thought. “Perhaps if we were to find a spell to transform night into day and gather as many Turok-Han as we can in one place then use that spell we could potentially weaken their numbers by thousands.

Angel considers this then nods. “That could work. But we'd need a big enough area and a way to keep them all there long enough, but it could work.” Angel turns to Wesley. “Wes can you get your department searching for a night to day spell? I think there's one by Altoro Flayn, from the 11th century.”

”I'm on it, we'll also search for something to hold them all in one place.” “Good, get everyone to work on that now.” Wesley nods and quickly leaves Angel's office.

“Giles any idea on what they're doing?” “I'd say they've probably moved out of Sunnydale by now and have found a shadowed area to hide from the sun until nightfall, They'd be here not too late into the night and will have taken LA by morning. We've got to move quickly.

“Agreed.” Angle says then turns back to Buffy. “Buffy, Spike, are you two up for a trip back to Sunnydale?” “We gettin' their attention?” Spike asks, his coat still bearing the blood of potentials and the dust of ended Turok-Han. “And hopping they'll follow us back.” Angel adds.

“What do you want us to do?” Asks Xander from the couch. “You, Anya and Tara will help Wesley and Giles research. Now, Spike, Buffy, we have to move.”

Buffy stands and her, Angel and Spike go to the elevator and down to the garage. Angel drives, Spike sits in the back and Buffy gets the passenger seat.

The terrified screams of the potentials as they were being slaughtered paraded themselves inside Spike's head, making his stale blood feel as if it were churning. A world ending winter of frost writhed in him, his face an effort to keep human as his demonic need to kill flooded every peace of him.

Buffy was trying to deal with the fact she'd led all those young girls into a horrific death. The image of a Turok-Han slicing Rona's stomach open with its claws flashed before her eyes. Rona's terrified and pain filled scream echoed in Buffy's ears as the next image swam in front of her.

Rona's intestines hit the ground and after too long, the Turok-Han ends her life. Amanda was next. She was so scared.
Buffy squeezed her eyes shut as tightly as she could, trying to block out those awful sights.

[Wolfram & Heart LA Headquarters]> I killed them all. All those girls. They needed me, they trusted and believed in me. And I killed them. Tara's mind ran those words around and around in her head, “I killed them.” she said aloud, devastation in her voice and on her face.

The blonde looked up at the ceiling, her eyes wet and her body filled with guilt. “I'm so glad you haven't seen any of the things that've happened since you died, Willow. If you did I don't think you'd love me anymo-” Tara stops abruptly.

Her head snaps back, her mouth opens wide and a muffled, high scream originating from her chest surges out, crackling the air and shattering every window.

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