Didn't Turn Back

Buffy the vampire slayer. Buffy doesn't go back to Willow at the end of Wrecked. Hours later Spike finds Willow with a bruised head and shredded arms nearly dead. Love vs guilt.


18. Incomplete Without You

Willow fought against the restrains binding her wrists, shoulders, waist and legs. Screaming furiously, tears cascaded down her paper white face, her black-red hair flew around with every whip of her head. Her roommate was sitting in a corner of their room with her hands over her ears and her knees to her chest. A nurse was trying to get her out of the scream filled room while two doctors and four nurses, two of which were big muscular men, tried to hold her still enough for a third doctor to get two white pills into her mouth. “What do you want me to do, just, just sit back and keep my mouth shut?” Tara's voice asked angrily in her head. “What do you want me to do, just, just sit back and keep my mouth shut?” She asked again. “TARA!” The redhead wailed. “BABY I'M SORRY!” Tara's voice screamed inside Willow's head. “If I didn't love you so damn much I would!” [An LA Sandwich Shop]> Buffy, Tara and Dawn were sitting around a small, circular table. Eating sandwiches and chips, sipping from soda cans and chattering away, when Tara's cell phone beeped. The oldest of the group pulled her phone out and Buffy and Dawn went quiet for her to answer it. Tara had been smiling when she said hello, but not two seconds later the cheerfulness on her face vanished. The two Summers girls instantly started to worry. “Okay I-I'm on m-my-my way.” Tara said then hung up and stood. “Tara what's-” The slayer started as she to stood. But the blonde answered her question before it was fully out. “W-Willow's in trouble.” She reached down and grabbed the bottom of her ankle length skirt where a tiny metal hook was sewn in and pulled it up and attached it to an equally tiny metal hoop at her waist. Doing this reduced her ankle length skirt to a knee length one. She lifted her left foot and grabbed it with her left hand and pulled it to stretch. The blonde did the same with her other foot then took off at a sprint towards the mental health facility. After seeing how fast the witch could run after Tara had bound Willow's powers and healed her, the slayer shouldn't have been surprised at her speed, but well, Tara had gotten a lot faster. Buffy and Dawn ran after her, Buffy making herself slow down so her sister could keep up. But they quickly lost site of the speedy witch. Tara was soon running through the entrance of the mental health facility and down several corridors and through the patient common room. The blonde could hear her loves scream before she could see her room. She didn't slow as she ran through the open doorway and collided with the backs of the two buff male nurses. “M-move.” She ordered them. Even though she had no authority over them, they moved obediently. Willow was still shrieking and fighting with a passion. Tara cleared her throat, readying herself to sing as she'd done countless times since she moved to LA to calm the love of her life enough for a doctor to sedate her. “I lived my life in shadow. Never the sun on my face.” The witches voice was slightly shaky, but beautiful non the less. “It didn't seem so sad, though. I figured it was my place.” No affect showed on the redhead yet. “Now I'm bathed in light. Something juts isn't right. I'm under your spell. How else could it be. Anyone would notice me? It's magic I can tell. How you set me free. Brought me out so easily.” Willow's scream lessened in volume ever so slightly. “I saw a world enchanted. Spirits and charms in the air. I always took for granted. I was the only one there. But your power shone. Brighter than any I've known.” Willow pulled against the straps on her wrists so hard that the edges of the material were close to breaking through her skin. “I'm under your spell. Nothing I can do. You just took my soul with you. You worked your charms so well. Finally, I knew. Everything I dreamed was true. You made me believe.” Willow's voice turned into a pained and guilt filled whimper. “The moon to the tide. I can feel you inside.” The two muscular nurses glanced at each other. Feel you inside? The taller of the two thought to himself. “I’m under your spell. Surging like the sea. Pulled to you so helplessly. I break with every swell. Lost in ecstasy. Spread beneath my willow tree.” The male nurses shared another glance, both keeping a lid on a snigger at those 13 words. “You make me complete.” Willow flopped back onto her bed, though her hands were still tightly clenched into fists. Nearly all the fight to escape and end her own life momentarily leaving. “You make me complete.” Willow opened her bloodshot eyes, still crying uncontrollably, and starred up at the ceiling. “You make me complete.” The third doctor passed the two white pills in his hand to Tara. The blonde held the pills with the ends of her thumb, index and middle finger. Willow's mouth was a bit ajar. “You make me,” The blonde witch sang as she gently forced the medication between Willow's wobbling lips. “complete.” She cupped the redheads chin with a hand softly and closed her mouth. The restrained girl instinctively swallowed them and her eyes soon went out of focus. Tara bit the side of her bottom lip sadly. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry my love. “You make me complete, Will.” She added without singing.

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