Didn't Turn Back

Buffy the vampire slayer. Buffy doesn't go back to Willow at the end of Wrecked. Hours later Spike finds Willow with a bruised head and shredded arms nearly dead. Love vs guilt.


16. And A Pinch More Plot

The untouchable, invisible witch moved soundlessly down a door covered corridor. A door 3 from the end on the left side was opened wide. She went to the door and looked inside. A nurse was strapping in the new girl, the other patient, Madeline, was already strapped in and sound asleep. The witch smiled to herself. What an easy meal. She walked in, her feet making no sound, and stopped at Madeline's bed. Her head tilted forward and to the left slightly, she licked her lips. Just wait for the nurse to leave, Beth. Then you may eat your dinner. The nurse soon left, locking the door behind her. Beth, the witch, leaned forward and outstretched her hand. Her old, wrinkly palm and fingers rested on the sleeping girls stomach. Beth bit her lip lightly in anticipation, then the girls shot open as Beth pulled the much younger girls life out through her abdomen. The high gurgling sound Beth's victims always make came out loudly from between Madeline's lips. The witch closed her eyes as she feasted on the girls life. She was soon full, having taken all of Madeline's life. To avoid suspicion the witch places a drone within Madeline's dead body. The drone will mimic how the now dead girl behaved, but will loose power and die out in around 15 hours. Satisfied with her meal, Beth withdrew her hand and flicked her wrist at the door. With a small click the door was unlocked. She left and locked the door with another flick of her wrist. [Willow's Shared Mental Facility Room]> The red haired girl was lying on her back on her hard, gray standard issue bed as a nurse in a white uniform secured the restraints on her legs. The nurse moved up and secured the straps on the witches wrists. Another strap was placed across her hips and another across her chest. The girl on the bed on the opposite side of the room starting making a strange gurgling sound. When the nurse had finished, she turned off the lights and left, locking the door behind her. How is this not weirding me out? Willow asked herself. I'm strapped to the most floor like bed I've ever been in and on the just as floor like bed next to me is a girl who thinks I'm her old roommate who doesn't live here anymore. And to top it all off, I can't use magic or get a safe distance between me and Tara. Willow shut her eyes and tried to magically undo the straps. Nothing happened. Click! Willow's eyes slowly opened. Was that the door? She asked herself. Click! Yeah, that was definitely the door. A few minutes passed and the redhead decided the clicks didn't matter. She went back to thinking about her current situation. Willow pointlessly pulled against her restraints. I deserve worse. Why can't they understand that? She asked herself. [An LA Club]> The large, open main room of the club was crowded with dancing and drinking people. A band was playing loud music on a raised platform at the end of the room opposite the entrance. A bar with three or four bartenders lined the wall to its left, and tables and chairs lined the opposite wall. Anya, Buffy and Tara were seated at one of the tables talking, while Xander went to get refreshments and Dawn went to help him carry the drinks. The crowd of loud and drunk people was tightly packed, so it was taking a while for the carpenter and inter-dimensional key to get to the bar. “S-so how's the thing w-with The Trio going?” Tara asked the slayer, she practically had to yell her question for Buffy to hear her over the music. Buffy was nodding her head to the music when she answered, also in a near yell. “Good. They started robbing banks but Jonathan got caught on their first try and told me about these orbs Warren had and on his and that other guys third robbery I got them, they're all locked up now.” “S-still don't know that o-other guys name?” The witch asked with a half smile. Buffy chuckled. “It's like Adam or something.” “Andrew, I think that's what Jonathan said his name was.” Anya said knowingly. The slayer bit her lip lightly. “No, it's Adam.” She said, nodding again. Tara laughed at the two. They had been fighting the three sorta villains for months and had gone to high school with two of them, yet still didn't know for certain what the thirds name was. Buffy laughed to and Anya turned to look out at the thick crowd. “I want a drink. Why is Xander taking so long?” She asked without looking at the other two women. Buffy answered. “Well it's a really big crowd, they're probably just getting to the bar now.” The ex-demon sighed, then stood from her seat. “I will make them give us drinks faster.” She said and disappeared into the hundreds of people. The blondes said nothing for a little while, they just looked about the high ceilinged room and listened to the overly loud music. The slayer decided to ask what she's been thinking about ever since she saw Willow earlier that day for the first time in nearly two weeks. She leaned closer to the witch so she didn't have to yell. “Tara?” Buffy asked. Tara turned her attention to the chosen one and raised her eyebrows slightly in question. “What's happening to Will?” She asked uncertainly and concernedly. Tara down cast her eyes and wiped a stray hair behind her ear. “I mean she, how did she turn into-” Buffy trailed off, saddened and scared by the images of her friend that flashed across her eyes at the mention of her. Tara took a few seconds before she replied. “P-please d-don't m-make me talk ab-bout it.” Buffy didn't want to make her blonde friend feel worse, but she had to know what was happening to her best friend. “Tara, please. Tell m-” The slayer stopped mid-word when the witch looked at her. It was a look she hadn't ever seen before. Tara's jaw was clenched so tightly Buffy knew if she tried to mimic it her teeth would ache. Her entire body was tensed and it made her look like if a car hit her the car would take on unfixable damage. But those things weren't anything compared to the witches eyes. The slayer saw more pain and anger and sorrow in those sapphire eyes than she thought was possible to have in such a small space. Those eyes had been filled with a color that could challenge all the seas and skies in any world for the brightest blue. They were now cold and a more gray-blue than sapphire. “Please d-don't.” Tara said with an intensity that scared Buffy more than the Master had. “Okay. I'm sorry.” The oldest Summers girl said in a tiny, weak, fragile voice. Tara looked back down at her hands and said “It's n-not your f-fault.” The others came back a few minutes later with four alcoholic drinks and one soda. Dawn tried to pass off the soda as a drink for her sister but stopped her joking at the look her Buffy gave her. They started drinking and chattering away. Tara finished her drink before the others got halfway through theirs. And she slipped off quickly and got herself another, larger, drink. Anya questioned the blonde on how she got through the crowd so fast and Tara explained she used magic to walk through people to get to and from the bar. Anya declared that from now on the witch was the official drink getter, she said Xander would pay for them though. An hour or so of drinking and dancing, the dancing being done solely by Xander, Anya and Dawn, then Tara's eyes widened in annoyance, frustration and slight embarrassment at someone walking towards the Scoobies table. Buffy asked “You okay Tarr?” Tara turned to the slayer and back to the approaching figure, then back to the slayer. “B-Buffy can you pretend t-to be my girlfriend?” She asked in a rush. The others instantly went silent and stared at the witch. Buffy's eyebrows rose higher than they ever had. “Huh?” She asked. “C-can you pretend to be m-my girlfriend?” The witch repeated. “Um,” The slayer said uncertainly, eyeing the blondes face curiously. “Okay?” Buffy answered confusedly. Tara glanced back at the person trying to get through the crowd, then back at her blonde friend. “O-okay, p-pretend your n-name is S-Sandy, and that you're a k-kick boxer.” Buffy nodded slowly. Huh?. She said in her head. The person finally arrived at the table and smiled. “Hey blondy.” He said and ran a hand over his bald head. “H-hi Terry.” Tara said with a forced smile, similar to the one she uses when she's working at The DoubleMeat Palace. “I thought you said you were gonna be on a date.” He said and ran his eyes over the faces of the Scoobies at the table. “I-I am.” Tara said and gestured to Buffy. “T-this is Sandy.” She added. “S-Sandy this i-is Terry, h-he's that guy I t-told you about?” The slayer thought for a second then nodded and turned her attention to the bad smelling man. “Hi.” She said with an ear to ear smile as she extended her hand. He shook it and said “Hello, so you're the kick-boxer eh?” He asked like he knew it wasn't true. Buffy nodded enthusiastically. “Yeah. And you're the neighbor who keeps asking out my girl.” The slayers smile turned into a menacing glare and she put an arm possessively around Tara's shoulders. The witch was surprised by Buffy's enthusiastic portrayal of her imaginary, kick-boxing girlfriend named Sandy but didn't let it show. Terry chuckled and said “You know, you don't look much like the kick-boxing type. You're kinda, well, small.” Buffy's eyebrows rose in mock-offense. She stood from her chair and held up one hand as if she were taking an oath. Her other hand went under the back of Tara's seat and the slayer lifted the witch without straining, keeping her eyes locked on the bald mans face. He paled instantly and his eyes widened in fear and awe. Tara forced herself to remain calm while being lifted so her knees were above the table. “Small huh?” Buffy said challengingly. Terry took a tiny, cautious step back. A smart move. The witch stuck out her chin and tilted her head back slightly, trying to look tough. A few long moments passed in this position. Buffy holding Tara nearly at shoulder hight. Anya, Xander and Dawn on their chairs, alternating between watching the scared looking man and the two blondes. Finally Terry cleared his throat and stuttered out “Well I uh I-I should be uh, be getting back to my uh,” He pointed over his shoulder with his thumb to a group somewhere in the crowd behind him, keeping his eyes trained on Buffy. “Back to your friends?” She suggested. He nodded. “Yeah, them. I uh, see later blon-Tara.” Terry stopped himself from calling her blondy. He was quite frightened by the unexpectedly strong blonde before him. He turned and pushed through the sea of people. Xander and Dawn burst into a fit of laughter and Anya soon joined them. The slayer didn't move a muscle until Tara said “Um, B-Buffy?” Buffy looked up at the older blonde and answered “Yeah?” “C-can you p-put me down?” She asked uncertainly. More laughter.

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