Didn't Turn Back

Buffy the vampire slayer. Buffy doesn't go back to Willow at the end of Wrecked. Hours later Spike finds Willow with a bruised head and shredded arms nearly dead. Love vs guilt.


6. Alentainya

“Okay, thank you Genevieve. Good luck.” Giles hung up the phone and walked back to the waiting room. “Tara?” He asked as he came to a stop. Tara was sitting on a white chair, hugging her legs to her chest with her forehead resting on her knees. She lifted her head to look at him. “Y-yes Mr Giles?” The watcher took off his glasses and wiped them on his shirt. “Are you familiar with Aletainya's Books Of Confinement?” The blonde shook her head.


“N-no, why? Wh-who's 'Aletainya'?” Giles put his glasses back on. “He was a wizard who lived a few hundred years ago. He specialized in creating containment and confinement spells for powerful beings.” He paused, seeing if he had rung any bells for the witch.


She looked at him blankly, so he continued. “I just contacted a coven in England who think they might be able to trap Willow's magic with one of his spells, so she can't stop you from healing her.”


Tara's eyes widened, and she stared at the english man for several seconds before she spoke. “Giles, I, I don't, I, I.-” Tara shut her mouth and let go of her legs and jumped out of her chair and ran at Giles. She wrapped her arms around him nearly as tightly as the slayer always does. Her eyes were filling with tears again, but this time they weren't made from sorrow.


“Th-thank you M-Mr Giles.” She stuttered. Giles smiled. “Wh-what can I d-do to help?” Tara asked, her voice muffled from her face being pressed against Giles's tweed jacket. “Someone with a connection to Willow has to channel the spell into her. Do you think you can do that?” Tara squeezed him tighter. “Yes. T-thank you Mr Giles.”


The next day, when Willow woke up, she acted as if she were still asleep. She opened her eyes slightly to survey the room. There were three other people there. Two nurses, who were talking to each other, neither one of them paying attention to Willow. And one doctor, who had his back turned to her and was fiddling with some medical machine thing. Willow kept her eyes on the three and said a spell in her head. Purple light flickered in her right hand, then it solidified into a razor blade. The medics didn't seem notice the weapons sudden appearance.


Willow gripped it tight.
The blade rested against her recently healed wrist. She took a deep breath and flicked her wrist, driving the razors edge into her. She winced, and the doctor turned his head to her. He didn't notice the red splotch at first. But when he did, he practically dived at her and whipped back her blanket. He wrestled the razor out of her hand with his. And held her shoulders down with his forearm and other hand.


When the doctor had pulled back her blanket, Willows eyes had shot open, and she tried to sit up and push him away, but he slammed his forearm into her and pinned her to the bed. She screamed and started trying to kick at him, but the nurses grabbed onto her legs and wouldn't let them move.


Xander and the others heard Willow scream and ran to and through her door. Xander and Buffy helped the doctor and nurses hold the crazed redhead still. Willow screamed at them to let her go. Her face contorted with fury. “LET GO OF ME! LET ME GO!” Another nurse ran into the room and over to a cabinet. She took something out of it and stepped over to the witch. Willow saw what was in her hand and tried to get away from her. But the medics and Scoobies held her too tightly. The nurse jammed the needle of her syringe into Willow's neck. A few seconds later, Willow stopped fighting them so hard. Then, she fell asleep.


[Outside Of The Summers's Home]> Social Service worker Doris Kroger, knocked on the front door of Buffy Summers' house. Nobody answered. Doris knocked again, still no answer. She peered through a window. She couldn't see anyone because the three girls who lived there were at the hospital. “Well, I'll just come back later then.” Doris turned and walked down the path and into her car.


[A Random Alley In SunnyDale]> The trios black van was parked in an alley. 

Its back doors opened and Warren emerged, carrying something covered with a black cloth. He shut the doors behind him and walked around the side of the van. Jonathan and Andrew moved over to him and walked alongside him. “I'm scared, what if we get caught?” Andrew asked the other two anxiously. “No way, we'll be invisible. Plus their security's gotten lax.” Jonathan assured him. Warren chuckled. “You should know. You've cased this joint enough.”

They walked out of the alley and onto a main street, turned a corner and approached the front of a large store. There was a sign in the window with writing on it and a cartoon picture of a woman. The sign read “Spa, Women Only. Bikini Wax Wednesdays”. Jonathan and Andrew stopped, but Warren took two more steps before stopping. “Okay, this is it.” Warren said to the others. “Remember,” He pulled back the black cloth, revealing their invisibility ray gun. “We're professionals.”


[Hospital Waiting Room]> “Well, me and Xander have to go. Bye.” Anya grabbed Xander's hand and pulled him out of the room. Xander followed his soon to be wife with a confused look on his face. “Ahn, honey. Where are we going?” Anya didn't stop moving when she answered. “We've got wedding planning to do.” “Anya we can plan the wedding later. Willow's-” “Willow's going to be fine.” She interrupted him. “She's got Buffy, Giles, Tara and her doctor looking after her. And we've still got lots of planning to do.” Xander opened his mouth like he was going to argue, but he decided against it. He followed Anya out of the hospital, into his car and to the magic box.


Back in the waiting room, Tara was hurriedly reading a book entitled “Aletainya's Book Of Confinement, Volume 1”. Giles had left a few minutes earlier to gather the supplies for the spell to trap Willows magics. Buffy was reading a spell book called “Confinement Spells For Dummies”. The slayer had made her sister go to school, much to Dawn's dismay.


Tara turned the last page of her book. Seconds later She shut the book and said “Okay, I think I-I've got it.” Buffy looked up from her book. “So you can do the spell? You can stop Willow from not letting you heal her?” The witch nodded smiling. “Y-yeah. Now we just have t-to w-wait for Giles's coven friends to c-call back.” Buffy smiled. “That's great. But,” She paused, her smile fading.


Tara looked at her. “are we sure this is what we should do? I know its probably the only way we can make her better, but, trapping her magic? Is that a good thing?” “W-Willow was using too m-much magic. It wasn't good for h-her, Buffy. D-doing this w-will be.” Buffy nodded uncertainly. “Okay. Where are you going to do the spell?” She asked. Tara glanced around the waiting room. “I mean, I don't think the hospital will be okay with you doing it here.” “Yeah.” Tara said. She lightly bit her bottom lip. “I think probably back at the house or the magic box.” “The house would probably be best.” The slayer commented. The blonde witch nodded.


“Okay. We should go then.” Tara said, but she didn’t want to go. She wanted to stay with her love, but. To help Willow she had to go. Buffy pushed herself out of her chair. “Yeah, you're right.” The slayer paused and looked at her best friends hospital door. “I don't want to leave Willow here though.” Tara, who hadn't moved from her chair yet, turned to the other blonde. “Sh-she won't be alone, B-Buffy. Her doctor and t-the nurses won't leave her b-by herself.” Tara was trying more to convince herself that Willow would be safe rather than the slayer. Neither girl looked convinced, but ended up going back to Buffy's house.


A few hours after Buffy and Tara arrived at the Summers' home, Giles entered through the front door, and walked into the living room. All the furniture that usually adorned the space had been cleared out to make room for the ritual. Dawn was pulling candles out of a bag with one hand, her other was in its sling. Buffy was outlining the pattern for the spell with flour on the floor. And Tara was pacing and reading an old peace of parchment, trying to memorize the incantation for the spell.


“Hello all.” Giles said, setting down the bag of supplies he had brought. Buffy momentarily looked up from her flour arranging, “Hey.” she said, then went back to her task. Giles started setting up his supplies. Buffy and Dawn helping with whatever they could, which didn't turn out to be much.


With everything in its place, Buffy called Xander and Anya, telling them they were about to start. Anya argued a little at having to stop planning their wedding to go, but Xander quickly got her to leave with him.


Tara, with her eyes closed, knelt in the center of the intricate circle and Dawn turned off the lights. Giles, Xander, Anya and Buffy lit the candles surrounding her circle, then stepped back and watched. The blonde witch loudly said three words in latin and the flames atop the candles stretched out to touch each other and made a ring around her. The horizontal ring of fire slowly moved upwards until it was at eye level with Tara. She opened her eyes and stared into the fire in front of her. The dimly lit living room became pitch black, the only light coming from the blazing ring. Buffy tightened her grip on her sword. Ready to kill anything that might try to stop her friends spell.


“U-use me as a ch-ch-channel into the witch.” Tara said in english. A tendril of fire stretched out from the ring towards Tara, but didn't touch her. “Use me as a channel int-to the witch.” Tara said again, trying to control her stutter.


The tendril, as if acting on a command, closed the distance between them. It touched Tara's forehead, and she held back a wince. It was burning a spot onto her head. Xander gulped, lifting his fire extinguisher slightly.


“Direct the-the covens spell through m-me, and into the witch.” The blonde told the fire. The tendril retracted and hissed a reply. “As you wish.” The ring vanished, the candles turned to puddles on the floor and the room turned back from pitch black. Dawn rushed over to the light switch and flicked it on. Tara's shoulders fell, and she panted. Her hands shot up to her forehead, and she winced. “Ow.” She groaned. Seconds later, she lowered her hands and closed her eyes. “I-I'm going to heal Willow.” She said more words after that, but they were all in latin.


[Inside Willow's Head]> The 16 year old version of the witch fell to her knees. Her hands pressed against the sides of her head. “No, you can't go! You can't go!” Willow said again and again. But it was too late. Willow's head shot forward as if she were sneezing and the black haired version of herself fell onto the ground in front of her. The redhead desperately tried to grab the creepier her and pull her back, but she was turning back into a purple-black cloud. Which soon faded into nothing.


Then, an invisible force knocked Willow onto her back. “No! No! No!” Her eyes were wide with fear and desperation. “No, please, don’t heal me.” She begged. The invisible force smashed into her again. She screamed and sobbed. “Please don't.”


[Willow’s Hospital Room]> The redhead floated less than a centimeter above her bed and the recently made razor cut closed and healed. The blood soaking into her new bandages swam back into her, through her skin. She fell back to the bed and tears flowed down her face. Tara’s spell had worked. Willow was physically okay.

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