Hold my Hand

Antonette Curtis is a registered Physiotherapist.and her patient is Rexcer Smith.but Antonette see that Rexcer not only need theraphy but also love.
But Rexcer doesn't believe in love.he believe that his death is coming.that's why his racing and challenge death.because his sports are all extremely dangerous like car racing, motorcross, skydiving, deep sea diving, hang gliding and even skiing.that cause him every minute his in the hospital due of a broken limbs, dislocated shoulders and fractured bones.
That's why Antonette needs the book of Jean Patrice to convince Rexcer that he has so much to live for.and he shouldn't do it alone.can she tempt him to tie the knot?


4. Start of the job

 Rexer POV's

...Rexer didn't count how many therapists he have but this is the first time he have a woman therapist.and it's a beautiful woman *he said in the back of his mind.Dr. Retoriano wasn't exaggerating when he said that anotnette is beautiful because antonette look like a beauty queen or a model not a therapist.

     As for  therapist he will never control to has have physical contact to his therapist.they will touch different kinds of body part like hand.it would be quite a change.antonette hands are so soft.he felt it awhile ago when she helped me to climb the stairs. and he's certain that it wasn't the heat.different heat he felt awhile ago when their body touch. with it

   If he meets antonette in different scenario, he thinks he will make antonette to fall for him.but antonette is her therapist.and she he need antonette right now.what important to me is she will make me fast to recover.that's what her job and nothing less.but antonette was right for him not to used stairs and he agreed with it.he was too proud to asked her auntie for him to go downstairs awhile ago.that's why he go down on his own.how did he do it?he tused his ass to go down.he go down to the stairs because of that.his auntie is too busy preparing for food that's why she didn't know what happen.

   For now, he needs to wait because two women will control him.his auntie victoria that seems like his mom and antonette.he cursed under his breath.he need to use his power to say this two women who's the boss in this house.


Antonette POV's

....Her room was quite startingly, a feminine shrine.definitely, because man probably want to stay there.she think the room the espescially made for a girl.she think now if rexer have a girl visitor everyday.there was exquisite period furniture of blossoming colours in the watercolour, two deep armchairs in blue and  green, a low antique table set, and against the window wall, a delicate writing desk.the windows were draped in almond green matching the quilted almond green silk of bedspread.it has a wardrobe in the back of the door.the bathroom is in the end of the room.

  Several paintings hung on the walls.it the same paintings and artist i guessed in the receiving room.she walk closer to one of the painting.it's landscape of a mountain  side.it's so alive the painting.fells like the leaves from the trees are moving.and you could almost feel the mountain breeze.the painting was simply signed E. Alcaraz.

  E. Alcaraz?the name rings a bell.where did she heard that named of the artibst?she open her eyes wide when realization came.it's Eliza Alcaraz is the artist?who will be knew Eliza Alcaraz?even though she didn't know E. Alcaraz in person, the two of them tried the book ofJean Patrice.but eliza is lucky because she hooked a millionaire.she's now a by word when it comes to arts when she started seeing on The Leila Seirra Show and did a live nude painting on national tv. and Calvin Montefalco is her model the millionaire she hooked.

 Does it mean rexer was watching The Leila Seirra  Show?or he knows eliza amd calvin?what will rexer reaction if he knows i'm one of the voulunteer in The Leila Seirra Show?well, he need not to worry because she doesn't want to hooked and fall for rexer, not with his attitude life.her purpose is to made rexer to be fully recover.this is the first time that antonette will stay-in in her job.almost of her patient, she's visiting them.but she never sleep in her patient house.

  antonette is determined and never fail Dr. Retoriano.she will do her job well.why rexer wants to be heal that fast?it has so many theraphy  sessions he has done.he should know by now that his wounds will not heal that fast like over-night.and that injured joint will not heal that fast.she changed into her blue cotton uniform.well even if she's stay-in , it's part of her job that she will wear proper  uniform everyday.

  she see rexer looking on the exercise room.rexer is facing front so he didn't notice that antonette was there.she didn't make any sound from her rubber shoes because the rug is so thick.seems rexer has a deep thinking on his mind.beside on his feet that has bandage, he looked physical fit.

  "let's start?" i asked. "yes, what will gonna do first?" rexer asked too *smile*."you come over here in the bed" i motioned."i checked your wound" i add.she go to medicine cabinet and get some supplies.when she get back, she see rexer sitting in the bed."lay down" i instructed him.tapping the pillow.he look like a sheep that obeying every words i said.

  slowly she removed the bandage in rexer feet that has stain of blood.she see so many  one dozen of staples in his knees.and he had several stiches."look it's bleeding because you force it earlier" i castiged. "i will clean it, and i will changed the bandage" i add.she never see rexer reaction that hurt or pained.either rexer just pretending that it was hurt or he was just putting up a brave front."so you think when will doctor will get rid of my staples or stiches?" rexer asked.

   "maybe next weeks, your wound is still fresh" i answer."so you think when doctor removed it next week, how long should i go on theraphy? rexer asked again." well we can never tell, it's depend ho fa--" i cut in my sentence."fast recovery on my wounds" he said *smile*.it's depend on how many hours you spend in theraphy" i said *look in his wound*."even i do exercise on day and night" he ask."like what i said, i don't know and i think Dr. Retoriano said it to you, that we could not fast the theraphy" i said."beside it's not like your car racing that needs to change-oil and prepare for competition.

   he looked glum."but how long?" he ask." two- three" he cut my sentence."good!" he talked in happy face."that's what i said to my brother and to Dr. Retoriano that i have two to three weeks to do the theraphy" he add." i mean, two to three months" i clarified."what?" he felt like a sound of a bomb."it's so long!no! i need to be heal immediately" he tantrums."why do you really need to be healed?" i asked."because i'm joining in the skydiving championship nest weeks" he answer."are you crazy? i was incredulous."your not allowed to do that" i add.

  "i'm going out of my mind if i didn't joined" he murmured."beside that competition is benial and i never win in that competition" he add."if you want it so badly, you can joined two years from now.you'll be in top shape by then" i explained."it's now or never" he said." do you want to be dead huh?" i said in anger voice." i assume you got a licensed gun, why don't you shoot yourself in the head?, so i will not make any hard to this job" i burst.


Rexer POV's

..." I'm sorry" i mellowed."just do your best and you'll see i will recover fast" i add."lets see what happened" she said."now removed your shirt i will checked your shoulder" she add."what for?" i asked."it was last year when my shoulder dislocated" i murmured."it's in my list that need to be theraphy, beside you didn't finish your theraphy for that" she said."i'm moving it properly don't worry" he argued."okay, well lets see raise your arm" she dared me.i see anotnette reaction when i force to raise my arm."see" she said in triumphantly."you can't moved it properly.you need to moved it 120 degrees.so removed your shirt now" she ordered.

   I resigned.i removed my shirt even though i don't like.i see antonette reaction when i already removed my shirt.she stare at me and when i look at her she look away.i got muscles *laugh*.he was the legendary Machete personified."i need to ultrasound your shoulder" she said and put some gel slowly in my shoulder."ultrasound?" it's for the pregnant right? i asked."it's different" she answer."what is the purpose of the ultrasound?" i asked again."it will helped in the healing process.it loosens the surrounding traumatized muscles.it gets the blood flowing" she explained.she finish putting gel on my shoulder.then she on the ultrasound machine.she put the timer in fifteen minutes.

   Back and forth, she gently worked around the bruises.sometimes she was looking at me  ans see if i'm hurt.but my face remained cool."what you feeling?" she asked and adding more pressure." feels good and relaxing" i answer."when those staples and stiches removed in your feet we will ultrasound it too" she said."i said.the timer went off.she turn off the ultrasound machine.then he removed the gel from my shoulder.

   "now, lets do some stretching" she raised his arm up and down.she estimated it 105 degrees in stretching my arm.she tried to stretch it more."does it hurts?' she asked."n-no" i answer.but she knew i was lying.because i'm shaking every time i'm stretching my arm."that would be all for now" ahe announced after several minute of stretching."i'm okay with machine workout?" i asked while i'm looking in the equipment."no your not.did you see your what happen when you walked earlier?your foot bleeds.tomorrow, i will used electrocodes.and in the second day, we will see if you can do simple flexing and leg exercises.then we can add ankle weights" she explained.i could see she was disapppointed.

  "look. how many times do i have to tell you i need to be good and healed in three weeks" i said."and how many times to tell you too that's impossible" she raised her voice."wait a minute, who will be the one you obey here?i'm the boss here remember" i pointed out."Dr. Retoriano is my boss.so i will obey what his gonna tell me to do.if you want to change any of the program here's my phone, call Dr. Retoriano" she agrued.i never look on her phone because i know my demand will not work."well?" she demanded , putting her hands on her hips."ugh!" i just said and walk away.she decided, she couldn't go on like that."you know what, just get another therapist.i will tell Dr. Retoriano to bring another therapist here" she said.but even antonette or not he will never get what he wants.i see she started leaving."wait" i said and grab her."okay i will obey what you gonna say" i acquiesced."just do your best" i add and got to my room.




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