Hold my Hand

Antonette Curtis is a registered Physiotherapist.and her patient is Rexcer Smith.but Antonette see that Rexcer not only need theraphy but also love.
But Rexcer doesn't believe in love.he believe that his death is coming.that's why his racing and challenge death.because his sports are all extremely dangerous like car racing, motorcross, skydiving, deep sea diving, hang gliding and even skiing.that cause him every minute his in the hospital due of a broken limbs, dislocated shoulders and fractured bones.
That's why Antonette needs the book of Jean Patrice to convince Rexcer that he has so much to live for.and he shouldn't do it alone.can she tempt him to tie the knot?


2. Rexcer Smith

Not again!

     Leonard curse in the air when he read the post-it note that place on his table.the note simply said that Dr. Retoriano is expecting a return call.Head Surgeon of the Orthopedic Hospital.even if it was not stated in the note, Leonard know why he needs to talk to the doctor.

      he hurriedly dialed Dr. Retoriano's number.true enough, it it about his brother that's why they need to talk.the doctor didn't elaborate.but he needs to go in the hospital.when he end the call, she instructed her secretary to cancel all her meetings that day.after that he go to his private lift and go down to the basement where his car is park.he instructed his driver to take him to the hospital.

      he didn't know how many times he go to the hospital for his brother.every second and every minute Rexcer is bringing in the hospital.he had broken limbs, dislocated shoulders, fractured bones, to name a few.and he gets all that because of he loves in extremely dangerous sports like car racing, motocross, skydiving, deep sea diving, hang gliding and even skiing.

    what bones of his brother is broken this time?Leonard think that he ask Dr. Retoriano to become their family doctor.because every second and every minute he need the service of the doctor.Dr. Retoriano said earlier that his patience to Rexcer is only a little.but Leonard patience is gone to his brother.

   how many times does his brother go on the hospital?what will his brother thinking does he's like a cat does have a nine lives?but he still loves his brother.before they running a company together.before his brother resign and let him to run their company before his brother racing his death.

   Dr. Retoriano was glad to see him. "good thing you're here" Dr. Retoriano said." maybe you're brother will listen to you" Dr. Retoriano add."what happen doc?" Leonard asked.but even the doctor not answer him he knows already what happen."as usual, you're brother had a broken bone again.the car his driving is bump into another car while on his car racing.because of that he had a broken leg again.i operated it again" Dr. Retoriano explain.

  "how long he had been here?" Leonard asked."about ten days ago" Dr. Retoriano answered."why was't i informed?" Leonard asked again *shaking his head*."you're brother doesn't want to tell you or informed you, you know you're brother well.he could be stubborn sometimes" Dr. Retoriano answered long.he could agree to that.he knows his brother too well.

  "so, what's the problem, doc? is there something wrong with his leg?" Leonard asked *looking to his brother*."nothing wrong.but we we're having a problem if he insist to discharge him early.he needs to be under a physical therapy  for at least a month.but if he insist to go home, is not my problem if his fracture gets worst in his knee" Dr. Retoriano explain *sighs*.

   "why he needs to go home?" Leonard asked."he has to join the sky diving competition.that's why he needs to practice" Dr. Retoriano answered."what?" Leonard asked.he was incredulous.he cursed under his breath."meanwhile lets go to his room and talk to him maybe with you he listen" Dr. Retoriano said.he doubted that very much.

   "Dude!" Rexcer beamed into a wide smile upon seeing his brother Leonard.in the first place he doesn't want to say it to his brother that his in the hospital.because he knows his brother will give his a long lecture.but now he sees his brother as his savior." I'm glad you're here.are you planning to discharge me here?it's like hell in here" Rexcer said.

     Leonard see one nurse that changing his brother bandage in his feet.what did you do this time?" Leonard asked."dude, nothing" Rexcer answered."i just car racing.it's just that i'm not lucky and bump into another car" Rexcer add."he broke his leg.he has a fracture in his knee.and now, he's raring to go home" Dr. Retoriano announced.

   "hey doc, it's not that bad " Rexcer interrupted."do you really want to kill yourself?" Leonard confront him."do you want to be paralyzed all your life?" Leonard add."who wants to be paralyzed?" Rexcer argued."it is wrong to enjoy just a little bit" Rexcer add."are you enjoying having a broken bones? what kind of enjoyment is that? what are you?" Leonard asked."i wouldn't call him that" Dr. Retoriano. "but i don't know to call it" Dr. Retoriano add."when will you stop? you can't cheat death always.

   "maybe one day you're not getting any fracture but i see you in the cemetery" Leonard said angry voice."dude if my time is come i face it beside all us will face death" Rexcer rationalized."leonard he's not ready to go home yet" Dr. Retoriano said."that's an order, if you can't obey that maybe you need to find another hospital" Dr. Retoriano add.

   "Doc, i'm fast when it comes to recovery.you should know that by now.beside i have complete equipment's in the house for my therapy. i have assorted weights, a pulley for hand exercise, a finger ladder, and a stair stepper.i also have rowing machine and an ultra-sound machine.and there's also a treadmill.and if there's any equipment will be needing tell me and i'm gonna buy it.and make a list of my exercises and i will do it.i don't have to stay here.i can do all in the house.auntie Victoria is there to help me" Rexcer explain.

  "she's our auntie not you're therapist" Leonard pointed out."then lets get a therapist" Rexcer said.then he look at Dr. Retoriano."Doc, if i'm not mistaken you have a private clinic right?" i'm sure you have someone to recommend me" Rexcer asked.Dr. Retoriano think and paused for a while.then his face lightened up."actually i have" Dr. Retoriano said.

   Rexcer brightened up."that's it.i will double his/her salary.or triple if he/she wants.if he/she agree to stay in the house.of course, with a free board and lodging" Rexcer said *smile*."what can you say?" Dr. Retoriano asked to Leonard.what Rexcer wants, Rexcer gets, Leonard said on his mind.

   Rexcer is the youngest and one and only brother that Leonard had that's why Rexcer gets all he wants.it's not that he is a spoiled brat but his a sweet person.his good in handling money.he didn't smoke.and his a light drinker.the only thing that his brother love the most is extreme sports.why did his brother like a ballgames like basketball or football.

 "Doc, you think you're therapist will agreed to stay in the house for one month to two months?" Leonard asked Dr. Retoriano."it's too long dude" Rexcer disagree.he was used to call his older brother dude not brother that usually called by other."you tell him/her that only two weeks" Rexcer said.

  "what one week or two weeks? that's been you're third time that i operated you're leg.that's why you need a long therapy before it fully heal.i'm a doctor not a construction worker.it's you're bone not a part of a house that need to rebuild when it's broken all the time.please have pity on yourself" Dr. Retoriano said and explain.

 "okay, okay" Rexcer acquised."i do all of you're advise just let me go home.i smell death if i stay here in the hospital" Rexcer said."i have someone to recommend as you're therapist that i trust.she will agree to stay-in.if the salary is okay. Antonette is good and dedicated to her work.she's the head therapist on my private clinic" Dr.Retoriano said.

  "Antonette, she's a girl?" Rexcer echoed."why did you not tell me earlier" he was suddenly interested."is she beautiful and sexy?" Rexcer add."she's fat, tiny and dark skin" Dr. Retoriano answered."what?" Rexcer aked and shocked."of course, i'm just kidding" Dr. Retoriano said *laugh*."Antonette is beautiful but be careful. her siblings are strict when it comes to her.and if you like extreme sports her brothers like martial arts" Dr. Retoriano warned.

  Rexcer face was like a innocent man."then i wouldn't dream of messing with her.even if she's pretty and sexy enough" Rexcer said *winks*."don't worry doc" Leonard butted in."auntie Victoria is there" Leonard add."this is a good talk okay.you need to listen to antonette" Dr. Retoriano said.Rexcer agree just to get done with it.

   "i need to make a list of what you need to do and not to do" Dr. Retoriano went on."i will give Antonette a program.and she will give a weekly progress report" Dr. Retoriano add."i' ll do anything" Rexcer promise."just let me go home" Rexcer add."doc are you sure that antonette will agree?" Leonard asked.he was suddenly skeptical.

   "she will because i wish for it" Dr. Retoriano assured Leonard."beside she will get a good salary.who wouldn't want an extra money?beside Antonette is the bread winner of their family."he started to leave." i better go back to my office.so i can call her" Dr. Retoriano said."thank you doc." Rexcer and Leonard said."it's the least thing i can do" Dr. Retoriano said before he leave.

  he turned to Rexcer when Dr. Retoriano gone."i wish this the last time i will visit you in the hospital" Leonard groped for the words to say."look, i will not force you to go back in the company.you can do anything you want. I've told you that over and over again.but not like that in extreme sports that you always in a cause of death.why not indulge into something less dangerous like ballgames? football is in the limelight now.why don't you try-out in Azkals?" Leonard said.

 "dude, are we going to fight this all over again? we're different. you want to sit and relax in our company wearing a tie and suits.you want to make money even if you had enough.but that's not my style.i want to explore all the possibilities in life.i don't want to drop dead inside the office.i want to try everything before death will come.and my time is near" Rexcer explain.

 "common, you're thinking again to that cursed in our family.there is no cursed we are in a modern life.you're genius.i don't know why you're believing in that cursed" Leonard said."all of the youngest man in the family died before their turning twenty-fifth birthday.what do call that? cursed right? Rexcer argued.

  "it's all accident" Leonard disagree." you only saying that because you're not the youngest boy in the family.i'm the youngest and i'm turning twenty-five years old" Rexcer shout."okay, i give up.just think whatever you want to think" he resigned."my point is be careful because you're my one and only brother.that's why i'm concerned to you" Leonard said in a soft voice.

   "thanks dude but don't worry, i'll be just fine.i wish there is no cursed.if i make it until my twenty-fifth birthday, i promise i will go back in our company" Rexcer said *smile*.he beamed into a wide smile because he's certain knows that his brother will past his twenty-fifth birthday.that there is no cursed in their family."i'm counting on that" Leonard said and hug his brother.

   the nurse go to their room and hold a release paper or discharge paper of Rexcer.they immediately signed it."i will visit you to our house.so i can meet you're therapist.and beside i missed auntie Victoria" Leonard said."i know auntie will be glad to see you" Rexcer grinned."now let's get the hell from here" Rexcer add.



to all my readers thank you thank you.....you didn't know how much i appreciate it......all the love xxxx....godbless us all





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