Hold my Hand

Antonette Curtis is a registered Physiotherapist.and her patient is Rexcer Smith.but Antonette see that Rexcer not only need theraphy but also love.
But Rexcer doesn't believe in love.he believe that his death is coming.that's why his racing and challenge death.because his sports are all extremely dangerous like car racing, motorcross, skydiving, deep sea diving, hang gliding and even skiing.that cause him every minute his in the hospital due of a broken limbs, dislocated shoulders and fractured bones.
That's why Antonette needs the book of Jean Patrice to convince Rexcer that he has so much to live for.and he shouldn't do it alone.can she tempt him to tie the knot?


1. Prologue

We are broadcasting live from the newly-renovated Manila Cathedral here in Intramuros Manila, "Leila announced on The Leila Sierra Show.and it just finish the wedding of Jonas-Grande.

     Claudia Grande is the seven volunteer that catch a millionaire, Liela said.and now that Claudia is tie the knot to his millionaire husband, it's Niccolo Vince Jonas.they are waiting for the newly-wed to come out.suddenly, Suddenly there s was a commotion at the door." here's they are guys, Mr. and Mrs. Niccolo Vince Jonas" Leila announced. then she come close to the newly-wed.

     "Claudia, how does it feel to be Mrs. Niccolo Vince Jonas?" Leila asked. "it so overwhelmed" Claudia answered."i thought your wedding is after six months from now? why it's so sudden?" Leila asked again."i don't know to him. he's in a hurry," Claudia answered."but how did you do it? i mean, look at your gown.i think is not a ready-made gown" Leila asked.

        "of course not.Niccolo hired so many people to work on my gown overnight.even the maid's of honor wearing" Claudia answered.she turned to Niccolo. "how about you Niccolo, i heard there is no reception and you proceed to your honeymoon?" Leila asked."i can't wait" Niccolo answered."so the reception will have to wait.maybe after we came back after six months" Niccolo add.

        "that long?why? where are you planning to do your honeymoon? i'm sure our viewers out there would want to know" Leila asked."i'm taking my wife to an undisclosed island. and there i will put her to jail in six months" Niccolo answered *smile*."oooh, how sweet Leila cried.

          Claudia shook her head, her eyes bright and shining, as she looked up to her husband's beloved face.hugging his bride, Niccolo shifted and gave her a kiss filled with promise.Leila look in the camera "everyone, one of our volunteer meets a millionaire. who's next to Claudia? lets find out" Leila said.

              me, i'm next to Claudia, Antonette Curtis vowed.but who am i gonna meet?" Anne asked to herself.

              She's a registered Physiotherapist.and in her line of work, she doesn't even know a millionaire.even if there is a millionaire she know, the man has a wife or she didn't want the man.even if she's one of the volunteers in The Leila Show to try the book of Jean Patrice, she doesn't want to grab any millionaire man out there.she want if she fall she make sure she love the man and the man love her too.money is not important to her.that's she choose not to meet a millionaire man.even if she's the one lose the fight for the volunteers.

             she didn't know that there's a man waiting for her or the man of her dream.

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