Hold my Hand

Antonette Curtis is a registered Physiotherapist.and her patient is Rexcer Smith.but Antonette see that Rexcer not only need theraphy but also love.
But Rexcer doesn't believe in love.he believe that his death is coming.that's why his racing and challenge death.because his sports are all extremely dangerous like car racing, motorcross, skydiving, deep sea diving, hang gliding and even skiing.that cause him every minute his in the hospital due of a broken limbs, dislocated shoulders and fractured bones.
That's why Antonette needs the book of Jean Patrice to convince Rexcer that he has so much to live for.and he shouldn't do it alone.can she tempt him to tie the knot?


3. Antonette Curtis

 where's that girl?Rexcer is waiting for Antonette Curtis. Dr. Retoriano said last night, she agree to become his therapist."expect her at nine" Dr. Retoriano had said."what time is it? the grandfather clock was positioned on the top of the grands staircase.but he didn't see it where he is now.he's not wearing his Rolex watch.that's why is angry.why everything he needs is so far away from him?" Rexcer said.

  he is in the receiving area.while waiting for her therapist, he try to walk using only a stick.but he accidentally knocking a precious jar.cursing under his breath, he decided to seat in the sofa.Dr. Retoriano assured him that Antonette is so good and dedicated and beside she's the head therapist in the clinic of Dr. Retoriano.so hoped and he wish, that she will be do all for his fast recovery.

  yesterday all of the equipment's he needs is arrived which Dr. Retoriano buy for him.and he's raring to use them.but Dr. Retoriano said that don't used them unless he said.it's Antonette's job now and take good care of him.but he wants to fast his recovery.so he plan to double the time of his exercises.he will do anything for his fast recovery.

 but he needs to convince Antonette to change the program what Dr. Retoriano do for him.he sure that he will do that.he will used his charm.and his charm never failed.even in the girls.he had this accident when he joined the car racing.now his right foot has a bandage and he need wooden stick to walk.definitely, he wouldn't do sky-jumping while his injured'he knows that he can jump but the air pressure that comes in the universe is dangerous in his injured bone.maybe it will cause a crack on his bones.that's why he needs to therapy.

 speaking of therapy, where is his therapist?the day is running.he will finish one day of his exercises.why if his therapist is change her mind?Antonette has always been punctual in her appointment.but now she seem to be going late for her appointment to Mr. Rexcer Smith for the first time.she had a series of misfortune.

 first, her alarm didn't go off or she didn't her the alarm.second, his pet play with her car keys.her pet keep it on the carpet of her room.third, before she hop in on her car the one wheel is flat that's why she call in vulcanizing shop to change it.and now she's in the middle of coastal road and it's traffic.she spped her limit of driving so she can make it on time.maybe, just maybe, she could still make it on time.

  but her problem didn't end there.she's having a trouble to search for the address of her patient.at first, she don't want to take the assignment because she know Rexcer Smith.his head harded and he didn't give importance to his life.he's always in a accident and he's always had a broken bones in his body.

 she wondered why he challenging death?he wants to die?why he wants to die?he's too young and wealth.what does he wants in life?maybe his brokenhearted?is he brokenhearted that's why his suicidal tendency?but that's possible.he's a prize catch.i'm sure many girls will catch his attention.so it's not the reason why he wants to die.

 maybe if she don't need money she don't accept this job.her salary is big that's why she accept it.it's a big help on their family because she's the bread winner of their family.beside she didn't say no to Dr. Retoriano.that's why when Dr. Retoriano asked for favor she immediately accept the job even if her impression to Rexcer Smith is not good.

  it's only secondary reason that she's one of the volunteer in The Leila Show to test the book of Jean Patrice.when hearing a lot of things about Rexcer Smith is not the millionaire she want to catch.what will she do to a man that he doesn't give importance of life?she doesn't want to be a widowed too soon.she want a man to be with her and to grow old with.

 she wondered what would Rexcer Smith look like.Dr. Retoriano didn't say anything about his looks.she didn't asked either to the looks of Rexcer.it's not importance to her what will look of her patient.beside the patient need her service that's the important not the looks of a person.she will accept what looks that her patient have.

 at last she find Montefaro Subdivision where Rexcer lives.the house came as something surprise.well most of her patient lives in a expensive traditional house.but Rexcer Smith's home, certainly not less expensive, created it's own tradition.it was built on several levels and was probably much larger than it looked.and it had twin balconies.

 Antonette pushed the buzzer and waited.Rexcer jump when he heard the buzzer.finally, she arrived *Rexcer said on his back of his mind*.it had to be the therapist.he wants to get the door but he's worried maybe he went fall again and it's embarrassing for him.that's why he wait for auntie to open it for him.he's auntie hurried going to the door and Victoria see the broken jar while going on the door to open it "what this again?" Victoria asked." i'm sorry i broke it he cowered.his auntie is mad at her like a mother do."why are you forcing yourself to walk?why would you wait tsk! tsk!" Victoria said.the buzzer ring again."wait here i come" Victoria said."hurry auntie" Rexcer said in joy.she go to the door and open it "you must be the therapist that Dr. Retoriano sent?" Victoria asked."i'm Victoria Rexcer's auntie" Victoria add.i'm Antonette Curtis" she said *smile*.

  "come in " said Victoria."you're patient is waiting for you" Victoria Added *smile*.he straightened up.he hurriedly combed his hair using his fingernail.Damn!he forgot to shaves his hair on the chin.Antonette likes Victoria in the first meeting and talking to her.if this Rexcer Smith was nice as his aunt, she'd be in a clover.she marched briskly along the darkly polished floors, her steps alternately ringing out  then muffled by the scattered Oriental rugs.but she's impress to what she see inside the house, decorative style of western and Asian.tasteful, yet not overdone.several paintings adorn the walls.

  She stopped dead on her tracks.because she feels someone is looking at her.her new patient Rexcer smith.his hair is long.his eyebrows was thick and his beard too.how many days did Rexcer not shave his beard?.but still his handsome.he looked like a younger version of celebrity hunk Geoff Eigenmann with his red lips and pearly white teeth.and he was endowed with the sexiest eyes mother nature had ever bestowed upon a male member of the species *Antonette said on her mind*

  "hi"  Antonette said.you must be Rexcer" I asked."just call me Rex" Rexcer snapped."why you're late?, don't you know that i'm waiting for nine in the morning, what time it  is?" Rexcer ask."did Dr. Retoriano forget to tell that you come here at nine in the morning? he ask again.

  she opened her mouth to speak.she was about to explain what happened and why she's late, but a ring of a grandfather clock somewhere interrupt her.silently, she counted the chimes.one. two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight. nine.silent was next.she smile, "i'm not .late, am i?" i'm just on time" i answered."lets go, lets start now" Rexcer said impatiently." time is running" Rexcer add.

  "you're in a hurry?" Victoria chuckled."why  don't you let her to unpack her things and change her clothes first?" Victoria turned to me."lets go i will bring to your room, it just in front of the exercise room so if rexcer called you is easy.later i will tour on the house while you're patient is sleeping" Victoria said while pulling me.later i will show the whole house while you're patient is sleeping."what sleeping ?me?, i didn't plan to sleep" Rexcer asked and complained."yeah right, Dr.Retoriano said you must sleep after eating lunch.then you should obey it" Victoria said *glared*.then Victoria get  my things and said, "lets go Antonette follow me" Victoria said *smile*."Dr.Retoriano said you must sleep after lunch" Rexcer whisper.

 she smile after what she see.she control herself not to laugh out loud.but on the contrary he looked so cute on his tantrums."i just change my clothes, then lets meet on the exercise room" i told him."good!" he was about to go where their are when i stop him." wait, you don't have to go upstairs.is there any elevator here?.i guess there is because your house is big" i said and asked too."there is, but it's been a year since the last time we used the elevator maybe it's not okay if i used it" Rexcer answered.he force to go upstairs but he fall, but before he fall Antonette grab him fast so he will not fall on the ground.

 "put that down" i said.she get him and get Rexcer closer to her.then he get Rexcer left hand and wrap it on her shoulder.and then her one hand wrap it on Rexcer waist."go on, use your left foot to go up.so that your right foot will not force and get hurt.just slowly okay" i cautioned.slowly, step by step, they go up in the grand staircase. 

   i wondered, how he go down earlier? maybe he didn't jumped like he used to do like jumping in an airplane.the man had guts if he go down by his self.maybe  his auntie Victoria helped him go down.finally, they reached the second floor of the house.she wished that her room and the exercise room is on the second floor.another strain if their going to up again."hold on the wall"i instructed him."i will get you're wooden stick so you can walked by yourself" i add and ran downstairs." i have one on my room" Rexcer shout."but you need two"i said when i get back."can you walk?" i ask."yes i'm going to walked alone" Rexcer answer."beside i'm not kid" Rexcer hissed.

 she look at Rexcer along the hallway.she see a lots of rooms, but one of them is not their room.why he even build a big house if he's the one who go here?.where is his parents?.do he have a siblings? Dr.Retoriano said he had a brother.Victoria go out one of the room, "your room is just beside Rexcer" Victoria informed me."if you want i will go up your food too.you two will eat at the veranda.the view there is beautiful" Victoria add."no, i will go down later in the kitchen" i said *smile*.

"you're choice" Victoria said *smile back*."you, you must listen to Antonette will say to you okay.don't be hard headed.if you get hard on Antonette i will bring you back to the hospital" Victoria threatened Rexcer."yes, boss" Rexcer answer."before i forget"  i turned to him, "you calibrate the elevator.if you won't you will stuck here on the second floor until Dr.Retoriano said that you are allowed to used the stairs." auntie call the repair man as soon as possible" Rexcer said to his auntie."you will tell him to repair the elevator now" Rexcer add."yes boss" Vitoria answered playfully.then Victoria go down.

" you look tired on going up" i looked at him."you sweat" i add.i get towel and give it to him."here dry yourself" i said."you must rest for now, lets start later after you rest" i add."who's tired?why am i going to be tired?." Rexcer ask."it's only  early in the morning beside i stayed ten days in the hospital and doing only lay and sit" Rexcer add.

"that's right, i read you're medical history.you have broken bones all over your body.it's frustrating not to be able to do the things you used to do, isn't it?it takes time to heal that wound of yours.and you will not force to do that easy.just trust me.do what i say and you'll be doing the things you love to do in no time at all."that's what i want to hear from you" Rexcer brightened up."i'm expecting so much on you.Dr. Retoriano said that you are his good therapist on the hospital.

"oh!that's only a compliment because he has a crush on my sister" i laughed."still, i'm thankful because you said yes and be my therapist" Rexcer said.he stopped in front of a handsome double door."this is the exercise room" Rexcer point to the open room.she flung the door open.she looked at the room.she see lots of equipment and she will be needing on the theraphy."good" i nodded appreciatingly."i see all the equipments that Dr.Retoriano delivered in time.give ten minutes.i changed my clothes" i said *smile*."can't wait to get started" he grinned.



....can Rexcer listen to Antonette?can they possibly fall for each other?lets see guys.thanks for reading my story.godbless us all

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