Not For Me

Kalei has just moved from Washington to Australia to get away from her problems. She thinks she'll never make any friends, and no one will like her. But on her first day of school, someone's major crushing. But what will happen when she's got her eye on his best friend?


10. Their Thoughts/ Kalei's Dream

Luke's POV

Oh my God, what do I do? Kalei sat on Michael's lap, Michael sang to her, they stared into each others' eyes, I can't top that! Michael is my best friend, he knows I like Kalei, right? He has to know, I am the worst person at hiding my love for anyone. There is no way that I can get Kalei now... But what if she still doesn't "like" Michael, she was terrified of him yesterday. I still have a chance, I'm going to take it.

Kalei's POV

Yesterday was amazing. Sure, things were tense at first, but when Michael sang to me, and we looked into each other's eyes, really looked into each other's eyes, I saw the real him. He wasn't mean or scary. He was sweet and caring. He was a kitten. And with a little luck, he will be my kitten. But should I ask him out? I mean, we only met 2 days ago, and our only contact (physical, mental, and eye contact) was just yesterday. I don't know, he hasn't shown any signs that he likes me. I'll think about it, but I only have so much time before I have to see him again at school tomorrow.


Kalei's POV-Dreaming

Today is Monday, and I still haven't decided if I should ask out Michael or not. I finally made it to school, the one place I really don't want to be. I was so nervous. I made my way to my locker, but I saw that Michael was standing in front of it. He seemed as though he was waiting for something.

"Hey, um, do you need something?" I asked him.

"Actually, yes. I do" he replied. I liked where this was going, two friends just talking. No tension, maybe I won't ask him out. It's much easier to talk to him as a friend than it is talking to him about stuff like love and all that. So awkward... But this was nice. I'd like to keep it like that. I straightened up my back. I positioned my backpack where it was just hanging off my shoulder without me needing to touch it. I crossed my arms, shifted my weight to my left leg, plastered a smirk across my face, and began to talk.

"Well then, what do ya need?"

Michael walked up to me, stopping just in front of my face. His lips were so close to mine. I felt his breath on my upper lip, it was warm. My confident image shattered before me. My body stiffened. I completely froze. My cheeks burned. Beads of sweat formed across my forehead. I exhaled slowly.

"Um, hehe, you're a little close, wha-what did you-" I stuttered and gulped hard, "-what did you need?"


"Um, please, call me K" I said, stepping back.

"No, Kalei, please" he said, taking a step forward. I stepped back as he stepped forward, we did this until I couldn't step back any more, I was up against a wall.

"Um, uh, m-Michael? Wh-whatcha- whatcha doing there?" I stuttered. "Please, just tell me what you needed"

"Kalei, I need you" he replied, slowly leaning in. I leaned in too. He placed his hands on my sides. I placed mine on his shoulders. He slowly closed his eyes, like a dimmer switch on a lightbulb. We almost touched lips, but then-

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