Not For Me

Kalei has just moved from Washington to Australia to get away from her problems. She thinks she'll never make any friends, and no one will like her. But on her first day of school, someone's major crushing. But what will happen when she's got her eye on his best friend?


74. Texting In Class

Kalei's POV

She's going to find out sooner or later... She probably already has. She knows, or is going to know, and is going to expose you to your friends. What happens if I lose them again.. But for real? You can't let her see that she gets to you. Stop flinching every time she touches you. Stop growling at everything she says. So should I just ignore her or something?

My mind was arguing with itself back and forth as I walked to my next period.

"Ugh," I mutter, rubbing my temples. "I don't think I can take much more of this~"

"What are you gonna do when you finally snap?" A faded voice seemed to play in my ears; it sounded as if it was a recorded message. "Hm.." I look around, there's no one looking at me. "I think I'm beginning lose my mind..." I sigh and keep walking.

I walk until I'm inside a portable distanced from the main building. Sitting down, I groan and pull out my Spanish book and put it on my desk. No one I really know is in my Spanish class, and our teacher doesn't say or do much, so behind my book I pull out my phone and go to my messages. As if on cue, right as I open the app, I get a message and roll my eyes as I read it.

Sk8terBells: what's up, K? :)

I make sure no one is looking and I type back.

KaleiBae: what do you want you little 🐶

Sk8terBells: how rude. I just wanted to say hi :(

KaleiBae: okay. BYE

Sk8terBells: ...

Sk8terBells: hello??

Sk8terBells: you got some nerve!!

Sk8terBells: you're playing with fire K!

Sk8terBells: ...

Sk8terBells: see you at the formal 😈

I read her last message and shudder a bit. Impulsively, I gain some random burst of confidence and type.

KaleiBae: I'm real scared 😏

No response. She must've thought I put my phone away. I tap out of my messages and go to Luke.

KaleiBae: heyyy penguino :3

It takes a few minutes but he replies back.

PenguinHemmo: hey. Why you on your phone?

KaleiBae: imma rebel 😈

PenguinHemmo: 😂 you wish

KaleiBae: oh like you're any less~ I know you miss band rehearsals bc you dun wanna miss school 😂😂

PenguinHemmo: 😑who toldchu that

KaleiBae: I have my ways😜

MichaelGClifford: yeah, me

KaleiBae: when didchu get here?!

MichaelGClifford: Luke added me :3

PenguinHemmo: kinda regretting it now :T

MichaelGClifford: shut up >_<

KaleiBae: you guys are stupid 😜

MichaelGClifford: so whatchu wearing to the formal K?

KaleiBae: :o Michael! Take it to 1-on-1

MichaelGClifford: lol is someone blushing irl?

KaleiBae: nu :/

PenguinHemmo: look out the window K

I put down my phone and lay my book on top of it. Making sure still no one is watching, I turn my head and look outside the portable window. Luke waves at me with the dorkiest grin and Michael nods his head and smirks. I glare at the boys and discreetly pick up my phone.

KaleiBae: be out there in a sec~

I slightly raise my hand and wait for the teacher to notice me. My phone buzzes a message from Luke.

PenguinHemmo: rebel huh?

I shove my phone in my pocket. Screw it. I stand up and slam my hands on my desk.

"Later!" I grin and turn to the door. No one speaks up and I walk out of the portable.

Luke and Michael laugh and walk up to me.

"Wow, what a rebel~" Luke giggles and crosses his arms.

"I know right," I laugh and flip my hair. "So, why are you guys out here?"

"We got bored," Michael shrugs. "Wanna ditch with us?" He puts on a big grin. I cross my arms and knit my eyebrows.

"Michael, ditching school is wrong."

"I thought you were trying to be a rebel?" He smirks and nudges my elbow. I laugh and roll my eyes.

"That's not gonna-"

"Luke is going. You're not gonna let Penguin Boy be more rebellious than you, are you?"

I glare at Luke with a straight face. I drum my fingers along my arms and bite my lip.

"Don't stare at me like that, it's creepy~" Luke steps back and puts his arms down. I giggle a little and stare harder. "Stop!" Luke laughs and pushes my shoulder.

"Alright, fine. I'll go." I slightly smile and put my arms down. "I'll be right back though." I begin to walk away from them.

"Where you going?" Michael asks. I pull out my phone and go to Michael, Luke, and my group chat.

KaleiBae: fighting fire with fire~

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