Not For Me

Kalei has just moved from Washington to Australia to get away from her problems. She thinks she'll never make any friends, and no one will like her. But on her first day of school, someone's major crushing. But what will happen when she's got her eye on his best friend?


44. Pizza Pizza Pizza

Kalei's POV

School was finally over, and now I was waiting for Michael to come outside. When I saw him walk out of the school doors, my heart skipped a beat, just like our first texts to each other.

"Which one's your car?" I called to him.

"It's right behind you, stupid!" He called back, running to me. He finally made it over and wrapped his arms around me in a deep hug.

"You're cute when you run. You run like Bambi" I giggled.

"First of all, how do you know what Bambi runs like? Second of all, have you seen yourself run?" He fired back.

"Hey, I'm in track"

"No you're not" He snorted.

"You're funny when you snort. GET IN" I yelled happily as I hopped into his car.

"I thought we were gonna wait till 4:30" He pouted.

"Fine then let's get some pizza"


We drove for a while, and Michael was blasting Jet Black Heart in his car.

"Cos I'VEE gotta JET BLACK HEARTT" He sang obnoxiously.

"Shut up! Can we listen to a happy song, we're on a date" I laughed.

"Ugh you're so bossy", he whined as he put on San Francisco. "Is that better?"

"Much better" I kissed him on the cheek.

"Now let's get soME PIZZA" He yelled and sped up.

We finally made it to Pizza Hut, and we ordered a plain cheese.

"You're boring, we couldn't at least get pepperoni?" He asked, we were still at the counter.

"You're such a complainerrr" I whined.

"Nu-uh. I just have strong opinions" He crossed his arms as I giggled. "You're cute when you giggle" He said.

"How rude" I crossed my arms, hiding a blush.

"Oh sorry, I forgot you don't like being cute" He said, obviously being sarcastic about the "sorry".

"It's not that I don't like the word, it's just having the label makes people think I'm inferior. Too many people think they can control me"

"Well I'll never control you" He said, playing with my arms. "Bwahh blagablagablahhh!" He waved them around.

"You seem to be very good at entertaining yourself" I giggled and turned around.

"Why thank you", he bowed, still holding onto my arms.

"Can you let my arms go now?" I laughed. He raised them as high as they would go and dropped them.

"Mister, your order is ready" A little girl on roller skates came out to talk to Michael.

"Thank you, sweetie. This is for you" He gave her a five-dollar bill. She beamed at him and skated away. "She was cute" he laughed.

"Ok, so let me get this straight. If I let you call me cute, do I get 5 bucks?" I smirked.

"No" he rolled his eyes.

"No fair! I need the money!" I whined like a little kid.

"And you say you're in love with a five-year old" I punched him in the shoulder. "What? I'm just sayin'" I punched him again.

"Stop it" I laughed. "Go get our pizza" I ordered and pointed to the counter where our pizza was waiting.

"Bossy" he stuck his tongue out as he walked away to get our pizza.

"Whatever. I'm gonna wait in the car" I walked out of the door and slid into Michael's car.

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