Not For Me

Kalei has just moved from Washington to Australia to get away from her problems. She thinks she'll never make any friends, and no one will like her. But on her first day of school, someone's major crushing. But what will happen when she's got her eye on his best friend?


69. Fix These Broken Pieces

Kalei's POV

It didn't make sense. What did I do wrong? Was Bella lying? I knew I wasn't good enough for someone like Michael. I didn't deserve him.

I was currently in the bathroom stalls, being super cliche and crying in the farthest stall. I heard tons of footsteps pass by the bathroom. The footsteps quieted until I heard one continuous pace of two footsteps. Was someone pacing in front of the stall? Could it be Michael? I opened the stall and walked out after wiping my tears. Opening the door I forced a weak smile that quickly faded when I realized it was Skylar, not Michael.

"Hey, Skylar," I quietly mumble.

"Hey, are you okay?" Skylar gives off a small smile and rests her hand on my shoulder.

"I'm fine. Just- just confused, I guess." I fake a smile and look down, forcing myself to be fascinated with the blue-and-white bathroom tile.

"You need to see him, he feels bad."

"Michael? No way. Not after what just happened."

"Kalei, he needs you. He's broken. Figuratively, and, well, literally. Bella broke his nose." Skylar mumbled the last part quickly, wincing as she awaited my reaction.

"She what? Oh that little- ughhhh," I growl as I step out if the bathroom, making my way to the nurse's office. Bella's been nothing but trouble. She should have kept in mind that there is nothing I do better than revenge.

I walk swiftly to the nurse's office, unintentionally ignoring everything Skylar said and asked. When I flew the door open, I cringed as I felt the physical pain of my heart shattering. Michael sat there on the nurses bed with dried tears streaked across his face. A small tissue held the blood that threatened to leak out of his nose.

"Michael," I whisper, failing to process the image. "Oh my god, I'm- I'm-" I choke on my words as I rush over to him and wrap my arms around his neck.

"K, it's fine. It's just a nose bleed. I'm just happy you're okay after, erm..." Michael's voice trailed into a whisper that echoed through the skin of my neck and into my veins.

"Shh, I'm sorry. If I hadn't left then Bella wouldn't have hit you. Why did she hit you?"

"I lashed out and she was 'protecting' Jaden. She really isn't good for you, K."

"Jaden's moved on, Michael. It's Bella I'm worried about. Stop clinging on to Jaden, she's on our side now," I smile as I repeat the truth that I knew.

"No. I know for a fact she's no good. I told you," Michael released from our hug, "she had on that evil little smirk when you guys where making up. She's planning something, I know it."

"Well then let's just wait until then. Cos I need her to be my friend as long as she's willing to be. Are you good enough to get out of here? First period is over soon."

Michael let out a chuckle and pushed himself off the bed. He wrapped his arm around my waist by the side and pulled me in. "I'm good. Let's go," he says quietly as he plants a kiss on my cheek. It takes all my willpower not to flinch as I am still not used to a sweet touch.

I smile at him and we walk out of the nurse's office together. We both walk into our second periods and never release each other's hands.




Kalei's POV

The lunch bell has finally rung. Thank god! I was about to eat my own arm if I didn't get any food! Michael and I walk out of each other's opposite classrooms as smile as our hands intertwine. We walk down the bustling hallway until we see our friends waiting for us in the lunch room with worried faces. Their expressions soften as they see Michael and I holding hands. Skylar is the first to speak when we reach them.

"K! You're happy again! I was so worried, I was scared you wouldn't want to talk to anyone today and I'd have no one to listen to Jet Black Heart with!" Skylar's high voice pierced my ears as she jumped into her toes to hug both Michael and I at the same time. "So Michael, how's your nose? Is it okay? Did Kalei give it some type of magic kiss to make it better?" Skylar stared into my eyes as she spoke to Michael.

"No, she didn't. K, is there something you're forgetting?" Michael fake-pouts. I laugh and roll my eyes as I go to lift myself into my toes and plant a kiss on the tip of Michael's nose. Before my lips could connect with his nose, Michael lifted his head and connected them with his lips. I heard gasps as Michael pulled me deeper into the kiss as this has been only our third one.

I giggled as I whisper into the kiss, "Mike, stop showing off." I hear a sad grumble from inside Michael's chest as I pull away ad smile at our friends. Skylar's innocent eyes stared at me in shock.

"K?! You're just gonna let him man-handle you into a kiss like that? He didn't even plan it he just went up ad smashed his lips into yours! I mean there was no respect for your personal space and-"

"Skylar, chill," I laugh. "We're good. Can we have lunch now? I'm starving," I smile and rest my hand on Skylar's shoulders in reassurance.

Skylar laughs and bounces as she drags me to the lunch line. We become a line as I grab on to Michael's hand, who grabs on to Luke's hand, who grabs Alyssa's, who grabs Live's, who grabs Jaden's, who grabs Calum's, who grabs Jenai's, then the line goes to Brianna, then Ashton, then Hailey. No one grabs Bella's hand. I smirk when I realize it. Everyone's hands stay locked with each other until we finish paying at sit down at a table.

Calum starts the conversation by complaining about my lunches.

"I still find it highly unfair that Kalei gets free lunches. Why don't I get free lunches?" Calum pouts.

"Cos you can afford three-dollar lunches every day. I can't, and the school knows it. So haha." I smile and brag.

"But your parents are nurses, don't they get paid like a crap load?"

"My father's a nurse, and he only gets paid a bit, sadly. My mum's in college, training to be a nurse. She can't go much because of my little siblings."

"You have siblings?" Michael asks with a chuckle.

"I hardly see them, but yeah. They're very young."

"Young like, 5? That's not too bad, I guess." Hailey shrugs and takes a bite of her pizza.

"Ha! 5, that's a good one. What a luxury I would have. I'm the oldest, clearly. But my oldest sibling is only a year old." I roll my eyes and steal a mini corn dog from Michael's plate.

"How old is your youngest sibling, then? They've gotta be twins, right?" Bella forces a seat next to Jaden.

"You're not allowed to talk. Shut up," I snap at Bella then turn to the others. "My youngest sibling just turned 4 months, like 2 days ago."

"K, don't be so rude. Besides, I already forgot. Tell me what were fighting for. It's turned into an all-out war. Let me find a way to fix these broken pieces," she smirks as I tremble, trying not to collapse from her reference.

"Because, Bella. We've faded out, you're all alone. It's what you wanted, I suppose. I can tell you still feel the same when you say you're looking for a way to change your mind, so walk away." I fired back with another reference from the same song.

"The words are 'don't walk away', stupid."

"Yeah," I stand up and push my plate. "But I want you to walk away. It's called a lyric change, stupid." I say in a mocking voice. I sigh and sit back down. Michael wraps his hand around my waist. He leans in and whispers to me.

"I already knew you knew our songs but...Broken Pieces is on an EP, how did you know it?"

"Luke made me listen to all your songs when I said you guys weren't punk rock," I stick a tongue out at Luke.

"Oh well, serves you right. But now that I know why, my feelings are hurt. You know what you gotta do to make me feel better." Michael pokes out his bottom lip until I give in and peck his lips. "Thanks for fixing our broken pieces."

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