Not For Me

Kalei has just moved from Washington to Australia to get away from her problems. She thinks she'll never make any friends, and no one will like her. But on her first day of school, someone's major crushing. But what will happen when she's got her eye on his best friend?


11. First Texts

Kalei's POV


My alarm clock scared me awake. I then had a mental breakdown then and there because everything that had just happened was all just a dream. That's a good thing though, right? Dreams are just signs that help you see the future, and let you know your true desires is what I've always known.

I got out of bed, and got ready for school. For clothes, I wanted to let my inner fangirl out, but look "cute" at the same time. I put on a One Direction tank top on and a plaid vest over it. I wore black-blue denim jeans and my favorite black Converse. For my hair, I just let it rest on my shoulders. I swiped some lip gloss on my lips, applied my mascara (after curling my lashes, if course) and went downstairs. My parents were still home, surprisingly. They're both always gone before I wake up, because they both work the night shift. My mum is a nurse and my dad is a night-time cop.

"Um, BYE?" I called to my parents. They just looked at me and waved. "Ok..." I said, smiling awkwardly as I closed the door to my house.

As I waited outside for Luke, I pulled out my phone and tapped iMessage (I text my contacts whenever I'm just bored). I scrolled through my contacts, trying to find someone to text. I then found Michael's name. I tapped on it, only to find that we've never texted before, so why not now?

KaleiBae: Hey Clifford what's up?

I waited for him to reply. My heart skipped a beat when my phone vibrated.

MichaelGClifford: Nothing much, just waiting for the guys at school, how about you?

Oh my God! Michael actually wanted to talk to me! Is this what it's like to be in love? Freaking out about every little thing that your crush says and does?

KaleiBae: Kinda the same as you, but just waiting for Luke to pick me up

MichaelGClifford: Cool

MichaelGClifford: Hey so are you guys dating or what?

What? Michael thought Luke and I are dating? How? Why? What?

KaleiBae: No??

KaleiBae: Why would you think that?

MichaelGClifford: I don't know, you guys just hang out a lot, and Luke always pick you up and drops you off to and from school

MichaelGClifford: It adds up

KaleiBae: Well we're not dating

KaleiBae: We're just friends

MichaelGClifford: Ok cool well I got to go text me when you and Luke are here

KaleiBae: Ok bye

MichaelGClifford: Bye

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