Not For Me

Kalei has just moved from Washington to Australia to get away from her problems. She thinks she'll never make any friends, and no one will like her. But on her first day of school, someone's major crushing. But what will happen when she's got her eye on his best friend?


41. Be Afraid of a Bunny

Kalei's POV

I woke up with a text from Michael.

MichaelGClifford- hey u wanna ride

KaleiBae- but u cant drive

MichaelGClifford- oh yeah? explain this

I got a picture of a drivers' license with Michael's info.

KaleiBae- omg Michael how did you not tell me you took a drivers test??

MichaelGClifford- if it makes you feel better I didn't tell anyone else

MichaelGClifford- so u wanna ride

KaleiBae- sure when will you be here

MichaelGClifford- idk

MichaelGClifford- ask the hot blue-haired dude outside your window

I looked outside the window to see Michael waiting. I swear I saw him just about to throw a rock at my window before he saw me. I opened up the window.

"Nice pajamas!" He called up to me, referring to my new Pikachu onesie I just ordered.

"Were you about to throw a rock at my window?" I laughed.

"That's not important right now. Get down here already" He said in a failed serious tone.

"Yes sir" I saluted him and closed the window. I decided to dress kind of punk today because I'm gaining a reputation of goody-two-shoes and I can't have that. For clothes, I went with ripped jeans (my faves), but I couldn't decide between a shirt with a worn out British flag on it, the Nirvana logo, or just a casual plaid. I threw out the plaid cos it didn't look very punk to me. I went with the shirt with the Nirvana logo. Now that I had my clothes, I went to my bathroom and swiped on some mascara and lip gloss. I did my hair in my usual part and put on my black converse.

As I walked out, I saw Michael checking himself out in his new car mirror. I walked up to him.

"Don't worry, pretty boy. You look just fine. Especially with that blue hair of yours"

"Well what about you? You're one to talk! You probably don't even listen to Nirvana. At least I listen to the bands on my shirts" He fired back.

"You just keep believing that" I said as we both got in the car. I turned on the radio and One Call Away by Charlie Puth came on. "Oh my gawd this is my jam" I said lip-syncing.

"'Jam'? This song is so slow" Michael turned it off.

"Hey I was listening to that!" I yelled at him, failing to make serious face.

" Oh I'm sorry, whose car is this? Driver picks the music. Shotgun shuts his, or in this case, her, cakehole" I glared at him. "Oh my god please don't stare at me like that it's scary"

"Haha yeah. FEAR ME" I said staring even harder.

"That's like saying be afraid of a bunny" My jaw dropped when he said this. I hated being called cute. No one ever takes me seriously. We were at school now. I frowned at jumped out of the car. "K!  I wasn't parked yet!" He said as he parked and got out. I didn't say anything and kept walking. "Hey wait up! Are you ok?" He called to me. I still said nothing. He ran up in front of me. He was so much taller than me, so I couldn't get around. He placed his hands on my shoulders and I flinched at his touch. As much as I loved this electricity going through my body, I was still mad at him. I looked away from him.

"I don't like being touched" I stated in some monotone voice and pushed his hands away.

"What happened? I thought we were having fun" He gave me puppy eyes which didn't work very well.

"Puppy eyes only work if you're shorter" I said and went around him. He went back up to me, but this time, my side. He put his arm around me and I flinched again.

"Why do you flinch every time I touch you?" He asked. I shuddered at his question.

"I don't want to talk about it" I looked down.

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