Not For Me

Kalei has just moved from Washington to Australia to get away from her problems. She thinks she'll never make any friends, and no one will like her. But on her first day of school, someone's major crushing. But what will happen when she's got her eye on his best friend?


85. At the Formal pt. 2

   Jaden’s POV

“Hey, Luke,” I walked up to the blond who happened to be standing alone.

“Yeah, uh, Jaden, I’d love to talk, but I gotta go to the bathroom. Uh, be right back,” he walked off, away from the bustling gym. I grinned. Perfect, I thought, he’ll be alone.

Suddenly, my old Washington bestie ran up to me, grinning. “Jaden! Have you seen Luke?” she asked with a smile. I flashed a smile back and simply replied, “Yeah, actually. He’s in the bathroom.” My eyes darted to her wrists. She knows everyone can see those, right? I looked back up at her eyes before she caught me staring.

“Oh, okay,” she smiled, “I’ll tell everyone else, then. We were looking for him. See ya!” She waved at me and hopped off, probably in the direction of Ashton or one of her other friends.

“Yeah,” I smirked, watching her, “see ya.”

I turned on my heel and walked in the direction of Luke, carrying my crossover bag that no one questioned, and something inside it that no one saw.

Kalei’s POV

I smiled brightly as I went to find Skylar, aiming to tell her where Luke was. I searched the gym, when my eyes landed on a familiar ravenette dancing with a taller brunet. I waved and ran up to her, calling her name. “Skylar! Skylar! I found out where Luke is!” I gasped as I came closer, getting struck with realization. “Oh, my god, Skylar is this your date? It’s so nice to meet- Louis Tomlinson?!” I gasped louder when I realized who my best friend was dancing with.

Both of them stood awkwardly, blushing in the dim light. When I only grinned brighter, Skylar chuckled nervously and rubbed the back of her neck. “Kalei, meet Louis, my…” she glanced at him, “boyfriend?” I shocked her by shaking her by the shoulders.

“THIS IS WHAT YOU MEANT BY YOUR LITTLE HEDGEHOG OH MY GOD SKYLAR YOU’RE SO CUTE!!!” I finally stopped when her eyes started to roll back.

“Cheezus rice, K!” Skylar’s voice vibrated after she steadied herself. I grinned at her and let my arms fall to the sides. Skylar collected herself and smiled proudly before saying, “Yes, this is what I meant by my little hedgehog.” She leaned against the brunet, allowing him to chuckle in an embarrassed way.

“Oh, so did you give Luke that song? You know, to sing for me?” My smile faltered, knowing how I’d left him for his bandmate.

Louis smiled and nodded. “Yeah,” he said matter-of-factly, “he came by and asked for a song, so we, well, I, agreed to let him use Little Things.” I noticed Skylar practically melting at the Brit’s accent and I lightly chuckled.

“That was cool of you,” I said while glancing around for anyone else I knew. “Anyway, Skylar, I wanted to tell you that I found out where Luke is. He should be back on the dance floor sometime soon.” Skylar nodded with a smile.

I noticed her glance at my wrists. I noticed everyone I talked to glance at my wrists. Did they pity me? Do they think I’m an attention seeker? Michael said they’d be barely noticeable but here and now even in the dim light everyone stares at my wrists like they’re eye magnets and can’t look away. What’s more, Louis followed his girlfriend’s gaze and not-so-subtly gasped at the sight of my scars. I felt my face heat up as I crossed my arms and puffed out my cheeks, avoiding their eyes. “Are they that noticeable..?” I muttered just barely over the crowd for them to hear me. My fingers found their way picking at my recent scars as I turned my wrists toward me so they wouldn’t see them. Skylar continued staring, so Louis nudged her and she seemed to snap out of her trance-like state.

 “What?” She asked. “Oh, no, no, no, it’s just- um… the light from the light up disco ball is kind of illuminating your sc- arms!” As much as I loved my ravenette of a best friend, she was the worst lie-teller I’ve ever met.

“Yeah, well, thanks anyway,” I said monotonously. How was I supposed to say it? I couldn’t come off as sad, because then they’d feel bad for staring. I couldn’t come off as fine, that would be too strange of a mood swing. I couldn’t come off as happy; who’s happy when someone notices their scars and won’t stop staring? I just closed my eyes and bowed my head, then turned on my heel to head to the snack table. As I walked, I remembered what I came to tell her. “Luke is in the bathroom. Pass it on.”

Jaden’s POV

I had almost finished getting ready. Currently, I was in the janitor’s closet in the hallway, prepping myself to look like a boy. I was not going in the guys’ bathroom as a girl. Despite my plans, I didn’t want other boys to come in and see me, then make the assumption I’m kinky or some other crap.

My hair was up in a bun, and I hid it with a Pikachu hat I took from Lei’s house. I looked down at my clothes. Baggy jeans, flannel, faded light blue t-shirt underneath. I think I’m good. I slipped out of my navy blue flats and laced on some random Vans I found in the lost-and-found. Rubbing my eyes with my hand over and over, I used my free hand to finger comb the front part of my hair so some of it, not a lot, would fall out of the cap. I flicked the light switch in the closet on and turned on my phone’s camera, facing it to me. Wow, I thought, I look better as a boy than I do as a girl. Or maybe I’m just really great at cross-dressing.

When I was finally happy with my look, I discreetly stepped out of the closet and headed for the bathroom. My costume must’ve looked really convincing, because along the way a blond boy came up to me and gripped my hand, saying something like, “You don’t got a date either? That’s cool, dude, guys like us don’t need a chick to be happy.” I flashed a smile and gripped his hand tighter.

“Right?” I said, dropping my voice a bit lower than it usually is. “The boys out there can’t live when they got some girl clingin’ onto them 24/7.”

The guy seemed too convinced and I had to bite the inside of my cheek to stop myself from laughing. He released my hand and walked into the gym. Finally, I’m alone again. I made my way into the guys’ bathroom, practically forcing myself to not cover my eyes. When I walked in, I was a little disappointed. It’s literally just like the ladies’ room, but with urinals. I looked under the stalls to see a single pair of feet in the big cubicle meant for handicapped people. Those black shoes pressed against the ground only ensured me more that it was Luke. I pressed a foot on one of the urinals and forced myself to stand tall, looking over Luke’s stall. He was leaning against the bathroom wall, staring down at the linoleum floor and hugging himself. I could hear him muttering, but I couldn’t make out what he was saying. Placing both feet on the urinal, I pushed off it and slammed my body against his stall door, most likely startling him.

I moved from the stall and turned around, positioning my crossover bag behind me and obstructing it from his sight. The blond opened his stall door and stepped forward, looking at me with half-lidded eyes and a raised eyebrow. “Can I help you?” He asked with an unnaturally monotonous voice.

“Don’t you know who I am?” I asked, smiling slightly. I continued to use the deeper voice, giving the illusion that I was a boy.

He looked me up and down carelessly and shrugged his shoulders. “Are you in my English class..?” On the inside, I frowned that he didn’t actually recognize me, but I let it go since he was believing my costume.

I shook my head and casually brought a hand behind my back, reaching into my hidden crossover bag. “Try again,” I said, taking a step forward and forcing him to take a step back.

“Uh, history?” His eyes widened a little bit in confusion.

“Nope.” I took another step, making him do so in reverse.

“What are you doing-”

“Keep guessing, Mr. Hemmings.”

He named off every class he had, and even extracurricular activities he rarely attended. The result was that I had him against the wall. My hand gripped the rolled up object I held behind my back.

“Are you a friend of K’s?” He asked. Though he was taller, he looked down at me in what seemed to be worry.

“Lei,” was the only thing I said before pulling a handkerchief doused in chloroform and shoved it over Luke’s nose. Along with that I ensured his unconsciousness by swinging my arm and sideswiping him in the jaw.

Luke’s limp body fell to the bathroom floor, and I grinned. I plucked the hanky off his face and put it back in my bag. I knew everyone would be in the gym, and only the losers who would bend to my will would be in the halls. Picking Luke up was harder than I expected it to be, but I managed to carry him like a groom would carry his bride after a wedding. I then proceeded to make my way out of the halls and to K’s house, in a certain spot where no one would find him. 


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