Not For Me

Kalei has just moved from Washington to Australia to get away from her problems. She thinks she'll never make any friends, and no one will like her. But on her first day of school, someone's major crushing. But what will happen when she's got her eye on his best friend?


49. Another A/N

Hey sorry I haven't updated in a while, but I'm so confused right now haha. I don't know about you guys, but whenever I get to the "Strict Parents and Instagram", "Be Afraid of a Bunny", and "Haters" chapters, the book goes all wonky. Sorry if this is happening for you, it's annoying me so badly. Could one of you guys comment and tell me if it's happening to you or not? Cos if it's not happening to you then I won't do anything but if it is I want to fix it ASAP. Please tell me if something doesn't seem right!!


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