Not For Me

Kalei has just moved from Washington to Australia to get away from her problems. She thinks she'll never make any friends, and no one will like her. But on her first day of school, someone's major crushing. But what will happen when she's got her eye on his best friend?


73. A/N

Welp I did it, I finally created new chapter after two months of NOTHING. Sorry, guys😅. I promise I'm going to update more. I can't promise you every week, but I can try~

Does anyone know what Undertale is? I kind of see Bella as Chara and Kalei as Frisk sort of. I know Chara isn't evil unless you make them, but once you make them evil, Bella acts so much like them. Does anyone agree?





@ ✖️Claire ✖️

If you still want to be in the story or the sequel, please give me you're name/nickname, age, hair/eye color, favorite One Direction or 5SOS member, and whether you want to be mean or nice. Thanks!💚

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