Not For Me

Kalei has just moved from Washington to Australia to get away from her problems. She thinks she'll never make any friends, and no one will like her. But on her first day of school, someone's major crushing. But what will happen when she's got her eye on his best friend?


70. a/n

*tear* I lost a fan. I'm sorry I haven't been updating much, I'll try updating more since it's summer now. This story is kinda dragging on, I get it. But I need you guys to fully understand because there are going to be some inside things at the end that you won't understand unless I expand so just please stay with me. It's hard for me too, because I feel rushed to update or else you guys will leave me. Just please do me a favor and give a sign that I'm not rushed. Comment, email me, whatever, I just need reassurance cos I still have a life. I'm sorry I got grounded for like a month again, so that's another reason. My best friend isn't feeling well either, and I'm kinda focused on keeping a good friendship with my guy friend across the street. So just give me time, and I'll give you a great ending.

Please comment, I love reading your guys' feedback! Sorry this a/n was kinda negative, but I needed to get it off my chest. I love you guys! :)


P.S. No ones asked to be in the sequel yet, so I guess I'll just make up some characters. Less fun, but it's whatever you guys want so :)

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