Not For Me

Kalei has just moved from Washington to Australia to get away from her problems. She thinks she'll never make any friends, and no one will like her. But on her first day of school, someone's major crushing. But what will happen when she's got her eye on his best friend?


47. An Old Friend

Michael's POV

This date with Kalei has been the best date of my life, I hope she feels the same. I should've known she was bipolar, with all of her mood swings and depression. I love her, and I really really hope the feeling is mutual. I turned on the radio and put on our first cd. I smiled and began to sing along to Don't Stop. I grabbed her hand at the beginning instrumentals.

"You're like perfection, some kind of holiday. You got me thinking, that we could run away. You want I'll take you there, you tell me when and where, whoa-whoa-oh-oh" I was surprised when she sang along as well.

"But then I asked for your number, said you don't got a phone. It's getting late now I gotta let you know that everybody wants to take you home tonight, but I'm gonna find a way to make you mine..." We quieted for a second and smiled at each other.

"DON'T STOPP DOIN WHAT YOUR DOING EVERY TIME YOU MOVE TO THE BEAT IT GETS HARDER FOR ME AND YOU KNOW IT KNOW IT KNOW IT AND DON'T STOPP COS YOU KNOW THAT I LIKE IT EVERY TIME YOU WALK IN THE ROOM YOU GOT ALL EYES ON YOU AND YOU KNOW IT KNOW IT KNOW IT" We sang the rest of the song together as I drove. When it was over, I heard her sigh happily and look out the window. I stared at her until she looked at me.

"What?" She asked, looking around herself to see if there was something wrong with her.

"You never told me you could sing"

"Cos I can't" she chuckled.

"Oh yeah? Sing This Is Gospel by Panic! At The Disco" She began to sing obnoxiously. "Like you mean it" she sighed.

"Alright, alright: This is gospell, for the fallen ones, locked away in permanent slumberr, assembling their philosophies from pieces of broken memoriess, ohh oh oh oh ohh, this is the beat of my heart, this is the beat of my heart, ohh oh oh oh ohh, this is the beat of my heart, this is the beat of my heart. Those gnashing teeth and criminal tongues conspire against the odds, but they haven't seen the best of us yett, if you love me let me gooooooooo, if you love me let me gooooooooo, cos the words are knives that often leave scars, the fear of falling apart, truth be told I never was yours, the fear, the fear of falling apart oh oh oh oh-oh oh oh ohh, the fear of falling apart oh oh oh oh-oh oh oh ohh..." She stopped. "Told you I can't sing" she looked down.

"That was the best cover I've ever heard! Tell me you're not famous!"

"Well, I'm kinda in a band-"

"What!? What happened to 'tell me everything'!? This is awesome!"

"Wait, we just formed in America a couple months ago. We're not very good, though. I'm the guitarist, my friend Ellia is the lead vocals, my friend Tori is the drummer, and my friend Naomi is our bassist. Our name is 'Light the Way" and we're kind of a punk-rock band, even though the real term would be 'pop-rock' or 'pop-punk', and I'm also the songwriter. We've never performed yet, and I only have, like 3 songs, and they're all really depressing and some of them are kinda slow, so the punk-rock part doesn't work out too much"

"So you guys are like the girl version of us?" I smiled.

"I want to say that, but Tori likes Green Day, and she thinks you guys are complete copycats, so she kinda hates you, and Ellia and Naomi have never heard of you guys"

"Oh" No wonder she could sing! I have to have her sing in front of the guys. But before I had time to ask her, we finally made it to her house.

"This is my stop" she said, opening the door. She stopped and turned around. "Thank you, Michael. This was by far one of the best days of my life" she hugged me tightly around the neck and got out. I waited before she was fully inside her house before leaving.


Kalei's POV

I meant it when I said Michael made it one of the best days of my life. Everything was better when I was with him. I think I might love him...

When I walked inside the house, my parents were there. Dear god, please let them not notice me. Nope. They called me over.

"Here we go again" I said under my breath. "Yes ma'am?" I said cheerfully to my mum.

"You're awfully happy tonight"

"What else is new?" I laughed and flipped my hair. Please let me leave.

"You're surprise is in your room" my dad smiled.

"Really?" They nodded. Within seconds I bolted up to my room. I slowly opened the door. What could it be? A kitten? Money? Concert tickets? Pizza? The door was now fully open and I gasp.

"Hey, Lei. Did you miss me?" A familiar voice said to me. I felt the blood drain from my face.


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