Not For Me

Kalei has just moved from Washington to Australia to get away from her problems. She thinks she'll never make any friends, and no one will like her. But on her first day of school, someone's major crushing. But what will happen when she's got her eye on his best friend?


78. A Break

Kalei's POV

If I'm being honest, I'm kind of confused. Did I appease the problem or did I aggravate it? I wondered what Bella was planning on doing. I never realized how vague she is until now. Today's the formal, I thought, I don't need to worry about her.

I walked quickly to the front of the school and scanned the parking lot. My eyes stopped at the familiar blondie holding his hand up high in the air. Smiling, I walked over to him and brought his hand down.

"Y'all ready to go?" I smiled at Michael and Luke.

"Yeah, but first, what did you mean when you said you were fighting fire with fire?" Michael asked while playing with his hair.

"Nothing. Just giving Bella a warning about tonight~" I played a devious grin ad crossed my arms.

"Ooh, there's my rebel," Michael laughed.

"Heck yeah," I grin and flip my hair. "So. I repeat: y'all ready to go?" I poke Luke in the stomach when he's not looking and laugh when he flinches.

"Hey, why can you poke us and we can't poke you? Also yeah we can go." Luke flung open the passenger door and slid inside.

"Michael knows why~" my smile faded.

Michael attempted to keep my mind off everything else. "Luke, get out of my kitten's seat."

I snickered at the word "kitten". Luke slightly smiled and rolled his eyes as he got out. "Your majesty," he gestured toward the seat. I stuck my tongue out at him and sat inside. Michael closed the door and walked around to the driver's seat where he slid in and closed the door too. I could tell Luke was pouting in the backseat as soon as he sat inside.

"Awe, Mikey I think you hurt Wuke's feewings~" I laughed, mocking Luke playfully.

"Yeahh you did. Mikey, I wanna sit in tha big person chair." Luke crossed his arms and copied my mockery.

"How about our first stop be ice cream and I'll get you two scoops," Michael laughed and pulled out of campus parking lot. Luke responded with a happy holler and put his arms down.

"Is wittle Wukey happy now?" I giggle and shift my weight in my seat. Turning around to face him, I see him nod his head with a big cheesy grin in response. "'Das vurry good, Youngling~"

Michael snorts, "'Youngling'? What the heck, K," I can tell Michael's trying to stifle his laughter.

"Just drive, ya big dork."

We drive to an ice cream parlor that I, obviously, haven't heard of and got out. I grin and run inside. "Mint chocolate chip, here I come!" I hear Luke and Michael mutter something to each other about my random spurts of enthusiasm. "Well do y'all want me to be boring all the time? Cos I can do that if it's what ya want~" I smile at them and cross my arms. Michael walks over to me and ruffles my hair.

"Nah, we still like you a little bit~"

I make sure not to flinch as my hair gets messed with. "A little bit, huh?"


"Alright, lovebirds, I want two scoops of Rocky Road!" Luke grins.

"I want mint chocolate chip!" I copy Luke's grin.

"I guess I'm paying," laughs Michael, "okay, I guess I'll get black cherry~"

Kalei's POV

The three of us were randomly singing three different songs as we drove back to school. From what I heard, I was singing Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, Michael was singing San Francisco, and Luke was singing You Are My Sunshine. All of us were very off key.

Michael pulled into a parking lot and we all got out. The three of us walked in a line to the main building as we talked.

"Wow, we're horrible singers," I start off laughing.

Michael coughed twice, "LUKE!" This elicited a laugh from me and a grunt from Luke.

"C'mon, bud, don't take it personally; Michael's a prick~" I put hand on Luke's should and turned my head to look at Michael where I playfully winked and stuck my tongue out at him.

"I know," Luke said quickly and snickered.

Michael slightly smiles and rolled his eyes. We ended up talking until we made it up to my locker. I grinned and widened my eyes at the boys. "Don't y'all have places to be? Stop following me, go on, scat! Shoo! Leave my presence!" The three of us laughed as they ran off in different directions after I waved them away. I grabbed my stuff from my locker and walked to my last period of the day.

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