1. 1

Noel pov

 I wake up to the sound of miss you (I miss you) by blink 182. I get ready for this horrible day thts coming how do ik well my bully Luke he makes my day worse than it already is. I live with 4 other brother and sister and my parenst really don't give a fuck about me. they get pissed when I stay in my room all day and when im out they be like why arnt u in ur room so I really don't get it. I plan on running away soon not like they are going to miss me. I plan on going somewhere far from here far from my family and my bully but till then im just going to live my senior life.

I get ready nothing special just legging red hot chillipeppers shirt and an over sized jacket. I don't get dressed up bc im just going to get ruined. I walk out the door and start walking to school.

great hes right there I choose not to go to my locker just bc I wasn't in the mood o deal with my crap. I also plan on standing up to my bully when I run away the only reason I don't stand up to him is because im going to take him by surprise.

making my way to class no book with me.

middle o the lesson. noel do you know the answer obviously not I didn't have my hand up if I did I would had my hand up. with tht I left the class and to the office and dropped out. Luke was there smoking  joint.

hey little miss dorky where u going

why the fuck do u care I say with out hesitation.  

oo did little miss dorky grow some balls on her.

maybe I did maybe I didn't. with tht he slapped I got up and slapped hi back lucky on the way out I called an uber just in time.

today the day im running away I saved up just enough

I payed my uber and no one was home when I got there. I packed every thing and left.

all I left was my child hood bear nothing else.


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