Flowers for Angels

Daniel is on a business trip in Japan and sends flowers everyday to his girlfriend. Everything changes when he discovers shes actually been dead for three months.Thank you Queen Raidan for idea!


2. One


It was finally the day i left for Japan. This trip would ensure that i would get a good position at my current job in America by Christmas. I said goodbye to Delia holding back tears. While i kissed her, her tears rolled down my face only making me want to bring her with me more than i already want to. I grabbed my luggage and headed out the door. Delia waved to me as the taxi drove away. My heart shattered in millions of pieces as she blew me a kiss. I never let go of it.

The ride to the airport consisted of my driver hitting on me the whole time. I sat in the front seat of the car which was a big mistake. The driver, Tiffany was in her early thirties late twenties and had blonde hair, gray eyes. When I put my hand on the cupholders she put her hand on mine. I didnt want to move it. She reminded me so much of Delia and I was wanting. I had the biggest urge that my body couldnt say no to. It killed me. She moved her hand closer to my body. My mind was telling me no but my body told me yes. Tiffany placed her hand on my thigh rubbing it every so often. When we took the exit to the airport she turned off the music and turned to me and said, "Want me to finish?" I nodded. Her hand carassed the inside if my thigh. I felt violated but so pleased. Delia would be so angry...she will never find out. When we approached the airport she stopped so i placed me hand on her thigh. She slapped my hand and said "Im done for today you and i had fun. Call me." She hand me a piece of paper saying "773-234-0997 XXX".

"Thank you...ill call you." I said. "But ill be in Japan so..."

"Ill be there in a month...wait for me...and ill be there ." she seductively told me while winking. I bit my lip and grabbed my luggage. Delia would be so mad.




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