Having fun in the shower



Once on a blue moon, Albrenies decided to call, her husband, Luke Hemmings. They have been married for 29 days. Luke hemmings was once famous. He decided to live a normal life and work at Dairy Queen, and Albrenies works odd jobs. They make enough money to support their shaved cat, Tina. Tina is a very old cat. Albrenies called Luke, and told him she wanted to have shower sex. Even though they were 38 years old, they still act like they are 37 years old. In exactly 54 minutes, Luke came home. Albrenies was already naked in the shower. Luke came into shower. Before they even touched elbows, Luke had slipped, knocked his head into Albrenies belly button. He had got lost into her belly button. She didn't even feel it. Albrenies reached for the soap when she had slipped as well and bumped her head on the floor and died instantly. Luke was never to be seen. The end.

Jack hemmings

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