Act the part

Mac is the girl that would act any part if you ask her to when Luke needed her to act a part for him to make his ex-girlfriend jealous but during the process he falls in love with Mac will she feel the same way or not?


6. Part 5

Mac's point of view 

So far I'm free today no more parts to act gives me a break Luke and aleshia come in all lovey dovey until aleshia walks up to me 

Aleshia-" jealous " 

I look up at Luke he had hope in his eyes that I am well that's just too bad cause he was supposed to forget me and my secret is not his love 

Mac-" no not really see ya hemmings " 

I walk away rude yes but telling the truth is not really that  bad cause I didn't tell a lie. 

Luke's point of view 

I don't get it this was supposed to work god she's really hard to get I sit with Michael , Ashton, and Calum 

Luke-" you said that would work "

Michael-" give it time " 

Calum-" how much longer " 

Michael-" until she finally realizes the truth" 

Ashton-" but why didn't it work this time " 

Michael-" she saw what he was doing right through him " 

Luke-" this is hard " 

Michael-" it's a challenge but you could forget her " 

Luke-" no that's the thing I can't "

Michael-" well this is gonna take awhile."

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