Act the part

Mac is the girl that would act any part if you ask her to when Luke needed her to act a part for him to make his ex-girlfriend jealous but during the process he falls in love with Mac will she feel the same way or not?


3. Part 2

mac's point of view 

I sit next Michael in class and we talk about a party tonight 

Michael-" you and Luke " 

Mac-" it's just a acting part " 

Michael-" that's what you say " 

What does he mean by that is Luke like a big deal around this school or something? 

* at home * 

I pick out a red and black dress , leather leggings , and black zip up heels for the party tonight.

* at the party * 

Luke's point of view 

Me and aleshia hangout a lot and i miss mac but I know sooner or later I'll have to let her go.

Mac's point of view 

I hang out with Michael while Luke is aleshia this part has gone by fast and I miss him even though I lie lovin at him and he does the same to me. 

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