Act the part

Mac is the girl that would act any part if you ask her to when Luke needed her to act a part for him to make his ex-girlfriend jealous but during the process he falls in love with Mac will she feel the same way or not?


15. Part 14

Ashton's point of view 

Mac-" where are we going " 

Ashton-" some place special " 

When we get to the cliff we get out of the car and Mac seems amazed by looking at the whole city 

Mac-" this is amazing " 

Ashton-" now close your eyes and face me " 

Mac-" okay " 

Ashton-" what's your real name?" 

Mac-" makenzie " 

Ashton-" open your eyes and look at the city " 

Mac-" breath taking " 

Ashton-" Mac you can show your true feeling of you let them come out so what do you feel about Luke right now " 

She thinks for a moment but she is stunning in the moonlight 

Mac-" I l-" 

Luke-" Mac".

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