Act the part

Mac is the girl that would act any part if you ask her to when Luke needed her to act a part for him to make his ex-girlfriend jealous but during the process he falls in love with Mac will she feel the same way or not?


2. Part 1

mac's point of view 

I get up put on a pink top, flower leggings , and black and gray sparkly high tops then I brush and curl my black and pink hair and on some makeup.

* at school * 

I see Luke talking to his ex-girlfriend then he singled me to come over so i did 

Mac-" hey " 

Luke-" Mac meet aleshia " 

Oh shit this is Luke's ex-girlfriend my worst enemy since the 5th grade oh well 

Mac-" hello" 

Aleshia-" this is your new girlfriend wow " 

Luke-" yeah well bye " 

Mac-" bye " 

When me and Luke got to our first class I stopped him he looked at me like he knew 

Mac-" you didn't tell me you used to date aleshia " 

Luke-" and you didn't tell me that you two were enemies " 

Mac-" whatever " 

He expects me to tell him everything God I hope this doesn't take long.

Luke's point of view 

Well Mac semeed pissed but I could've used a heads up I sit down next to Calum and Ashton 

Calum-" everybody knows that idiot " 

Ashton-" not everyone " 

Luke-" what is it this time " 

Calum-" horror movie talk everyone knows there another chapter of insidious coming out" 

Ashton-"Luke did you know this ?" 

Luke-" yep " 

Ashton-" why do you always have to be right " 

Calum-" cause I am " 

Luke-" does anybody know Mac "

They looked at me like why do you need to know that look 

Ashton-" well she's in our history class " 

Calum-" yeah but we really haven't talked to her except Michael " 

Luke-" what " 

Calum-" yeah they both have detention a lot but their just friends " 

For some reason a fire flames up inside me.

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