Confident (1D)

a gang who assassinated 89 people in the streets with out being caught has finally been caught and sent to a prison building. but not just any prison its a prison run by 2 guys they take 1 prisoner and ask them to kill a prisoner that was sent to kill a random person but when the boss send out the best 5 killers.. those killers find out they have been doing


1. Introduction

"Now maybe if your smart you will listen" the guards said and pushed us into different cells.

"Plz we are always smart,we broke out of this place 17 times,should tell the boss to step up his game cuz we will always be one step ahead of you" harry said smirking at the guard while holding the bars that separated him and us,harry was in front of me. Oh i forgot to introduce myself i am Flint i got that name because i murdered 40 guards with flint and my bare hands.

Harry he killed 65 men around the ages to 20 to 40 in the span of 3 weeks.

Then there is Louis who murdered 70 people in cold blood and hung their guts on peoples clothes lines.

Then Liam who is really insane, he killed 70 people in 2 weeks and all his victims were decapitated.

And the one and only Niall he murdered 90 women in 4 days with a pole and a knife.

As soon as the guards left we all started talking "ok so i tracked when all of them change shifts " harry said looking beside me at Niall.

"once those guards change again we do the plan" Liam said quietly, we all nodded while looking at each other just as louis was about to say something the guards came back, the boys moved back a little and the guard slipped us some sharp objects just in case.

The Guard winked at me and began to stroll up and down the halls,i laid on the bed while pulling the heavy covers over me and fell asleep to the guards footsteps.

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