Confident (1D)

a gang who assassinated 89 people in the streets with out being caught has finally been caught and sent to a prison building. but not just any prison its a prison run by 2 guys they take 1 prisoner and ask them to kill a prisoner that was sent to kill a random person but when the boss send out the best 5 killers.. those killers find out they have been doing


2. Deal

I rolled on my side making my back face the metal door while i slept. Right when i was about to fall asleep i heard heavy footsteps and doors opening,as i opened my eyes the door swung open and a guard grabbed me by the arm and lead me out of the cell,i looked ahead of me still half sleepy.

the guards then lead us to this room room,they made us sit in black leather chairs that spin.The boys eyes lit up and to spin on the chair with their feet on it.

"Weeee!" Niall said spinning around and holding onto the chair arms,i started laughing on his ridiculous he looked.

"Omg" i said laughing and covering my mouth just then the door opened,i looked at the door to see the boss, the boss stared at Niall while Niall continued spinning on the chair. The boss cleared his thoart,Niall looked at him while spinning and stopped spinning and sat properly.

The boss came in the middle of us and three papers at the table,we leaned forward and the paper showed a pic of 2 guys that were wanted,harry shook his head and looked away,the boss sighed.

"If you kill them i will clear your criminal record" he said,i leaned back in my chair,raising my eyebrow a little and thought about it.

"Deal" i said he smirked at us and nodded at the guards. The guards took this hot metal rod out of a pout in the room that had different numbers,they held out right wrist down and pressed the hot metal on our wrist,i bit my lip and cleaned my fist hard. Harry hissed in pain. When they stopped i looked at my wrist to the number 57 imprinted into my skin.

"The guards will escort you to the gun and clothes room" the boss said,he got up walking to the door.

"Be careful they are skilled,oh and maybe next time don't ask a guard for sharp objects" he said turning to the side and looked at the guard who gave us some sharp objects.

the boss pulled out a knife out of his jacket slowly and stabbed the guy in the head 2 times making the blood go on the floor, the boss wiped his knife on the guys dead body clothes gently and put the knife in his pocket slowly.

"Seen You Soon"

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