Beneath the excitement of finishing Hogwarts and going back to the golden trio, Hermoine realizes Her Parents forgot herself, she flees and no one knows what's going on or where she will go. Hermoine is on an adventure to find her mother and father, but she faces her enemy most of the way. The whole slytherins are coming for her!!
A/N: This is my First Book!


1. Memories

"Ah...." Sighed Hermoine "I've finished Hogwarts!" Her New friends cheered and they felt sad that their Best friend is leaving. "I've nearly done my OWLS though!" Cheered Their Year 6 Friend, Naomi "I think I got %99 on DADA and %85 on Transfiguration!" Hermoine Clapped, "Hey Girls!" Yelled A Year 7 Girl called Ellie! "Hey Ellie, Final day.." Hermoine greeted... "Girls, Remember that time when...

A few months ago,

Hermoine sat on her bed, reading a fashion magazine with Naomi and Ellie by her side. A boy with blonde hair and blue eyes came in. "Hello Ladies!" He Greeted,Hermoine Blushed "Can I get you anything Jack?" Ellie Asked politely "This is the Gryffindor Common room.." "I came here for Hermoine." Jack Replied "oooo, A Slytherin with a Gryffindor this is gonna spread!" Naomi Giggled. Hermoine Sat up And nodded "I'll see you girls later!" Jack took Hermoine's hand. Ellie could see her blush. Jack led her to the Astronomy Tower. "Expelliarmus!" Shouted Jack out But Hermoine was quicker. "Stupify!" Hermoine yelled. "Accio Broom," Jack shouted quicker then Hermoine. "Leave me alone JACK!" Shouted Hermoine. She collected her wand and left, she walked back to the common room and told the girls everything, "Really girls?" Naomi Replied after the story "Never Trust a Bloody Malfoy Never Love a bloody Slyther!" Chanted the girls and they burst into giggles. 

Back in the presant  

I   "I think that Jack's last name is Malfoy." Hermoine Replied "Because A Rumor says that Malfoy has a brother that is going in my year," Ellie Nodded, "I still can't believe that you punched Malfoy in your 3rd year!" "And rescue Sirius Black." Added Naomi "Oh. Don't remind Harry though," Hermoine asked "because after so many deaths last year, including Ron's brother Fred." "Really girls?" Naomi Replied "Never Trust a Bloody Malfoy! Never Love a Bloody Slyther!" The Girls chanted "That was fun!" Hermoine replied, The girls giggled.

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