Never fall for the kidnappers or maybe this once.Hope u enjoy.


1. New guy


"New guy huh?" Lindsey said flirty. "I bet hes just a charm." pointed out Paige. "You guys stop being over dramatic its just a date!" Hissed Chloe. "Sorry grouchy pants." Said Lindsey and Paige. "Sorry I'm just stressed because i don't know what to wear." Frowned Chloe. "Well we gotta go head back to campus for the dance." said Lindsey. When they left i headed to my apartment and got ready. One hour later i heard my doorbell ringing but when I opened the door no one was there. So i shut the door and headed up stairs guessing it was just some kids playing ding dong ditch. I called Ben but he didn't respond was this a joke? So I just headed to bed and went to sleep. I  woke up noticing there was rope around me and i was in my kitchen tied to a chair with a buffet in front of me. 

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