Don't stop believing.

If you were the only survivor on a plane what would you do? Where will you go? Being alive is more than just breathing for Alya anymore, it is noticing how lucky it is to be one of the 7.4 billion people alive while millions are dying from diseases, hunger or many other heart breaking reasons. Embrace life it is a gift.


2. The Hospital Bed|Chapter 2

"Tragic strikes the world today as many planes fall down from the sky, in these last 48 hours....." Alya blinks and opens her eyes staring at the flickering light above her, ".....Many don't survive the crashes, and some don't survive in hospital..." she turns her head to see a glass of water and a blue pen on her bedside table, her eyes travelled down to her arm and saw an IV drip sticking in her arm stuck down by a plaster, ".....all flights are cancelled till we find a solution...."

Alya heard footsteps and talking heading in her direction, she looked up to see two doctors in front of her.

" You're up Alya, you have a minor concussion and an open head cut," the first doctor said looking at a clipboard.

"How many died?" Alya slurred out her mouth looking right into the doctor's eyes. They froze they didn't know what to say. Until one doctor said "You are the only survivor." 

"Cool, cool," Alya said unemotionally, "Do I have a schedule?" The doctors stood there open-mouthed not knowing what to say, staring at Alya.

"Aren't you sad?" 




"Any sign of remorse?"



They got out notepads ready to jot down everything she said. "I don't like emotions, they get in way of my life." The doctors were bewildered at the fact that someone could get rid of emotions, because they don't like them.

"Your schedule is; breakfast 8:45, sponge bath 9-" the second doctor was interrupted. "I have showers, not baths," she said holding up her hand to stop him from talking, "continue," "You can't stand, you have to have a bath," the first doctor said. "then I'll have a shower sitting down," she said looking directly at them.

"We couldn't possibly allow that, Ms. Lines!" a nurse sternly said storming in, making the doctors look like wimps, "the shower floor is public to all patients, even ones with warts on their feet," the nurse leaned in on Alya, "they would prefer baths, they would be in pain standing up and your breath smells," Alya said edging away from the nurse. "Dr. Matthews, Dr. Crummings, I can take it from here." the nurse said taking the schedule board out of their hands.

"Let's see here...."

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