My Brothers

Lake is the little sister of Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin, and Michael Clifford. The only reason that they had different last names, is because they kept their moms last name.


3. Chapter 3

*Lake's P.O.V*

I got out of he car when we arrived to the huge mansion. I felt Ash put an arm around my  waist, and say "Stay by me." I nodded, and walked with him. I looked around, and there were people dancing everywhere. I almost stumbled when Ash turned right, because I wasn't paying attention. He chuckled, and pulled me along. I looked around the large mansion like house, and I saw a group of younger kids playing… Monopoly? 


*After The Party*


I ran into my house, and plopped on the couch with the boys following.

"How was the party?" My mom yelled from the kitchen

"It was fine." We all yelled in unison.

We watched The Fault In Out Stars, and I eventually fell asleep on Calum's shoulder

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