My Brothers

Lake is the little sister of Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin, and Michael Clifford. The only reason that they had different last names, is because they kept their moms last name.


1. Chapter 1

*Lake's P.O.V*

I ran inside the house, and immediately ran into my brother Luke. "Sorry!" I said before running past him. I heard him yell

"Lake! What's your hurry?"

"Nothing!" I yelled, and put my phone on charge, and changed into my white crop top and my blue skirt. I then ran downstairs, and plopped onto the couch. I saw my other brother Ashton come in, followed by my other 3 brothers. I felt Ash lift me up, and set me on his lap, while Luke, Calum, and Michael sat beside us. I leaned back, and said 

"When is mom getting home?" 

"Anytime." I heard Calum answer. I nodded, and said "Will you guys come with my to a party tonight, pleeeeeease?" 

I laughed when Michael, Luke, and Calum all quickly agreed, but Ash stayed silent. I turned around on his lap, an said "Pleeease Ashy?" He nodded, and I layed my head on his chest. 

"Yay." I said as our mom walked through the door, and I heard her say "Why ya so excited?" I looked at her, and said "They agreed to come party with me tonight!" I squealed, and I saw my mom nod before going to the kitchen. 

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