Literal Poison

Chemotherapy (n.) ~ The act of having poison pumped into your bloodstream.


1. Toxicity




The room was silent, utterly still, as she watched the nurses attach the venom to his veins. She briefly wondered if he felt pain or an odd sensation as the liquid flowed freely into his bloodstream. She was sure that if it did, in fact cause any pain, he would have let her know. 

The red colour of the toxicant made her uneasy, it didn't seem natural. Although to be fair, none of it was.

She noticed how a nurse accidentally pinched the skin where the needle met vein, how he quivered and bit his lip to hide the pain. The nurse mumbled an apology, squeezing his hand but he was so far gone that she was sure the act had gone unnoticed and the nurse left them.

She walked over to him, resting a hand on his shoulder, she pressed a sweet kiss to his cheek and absentmindedly toyed with what was left of his hair. Her eyes traced the contours of his face, acknowledging every detail that pertained. She noticed how the colour of his skin had changed, no longer the perky colour she had grown accustomed to but more of a pale translucence had replaced it.

She watched as his breathing slowed, and his chest rose and fell to the sound of life leaving his lungs. She leaned against him, pulling her chair closer to his, trying to feed off of his warmth. She took his hand gently in hers, while leaning her head on his shoulder. 

Her whisper floated in the air.

"Stay alive for me"




He tried so hard to be strong and brave, but he was a frail old thing, held together by nothing more than a few strings of courage and skin. He closed his eyes again, leaning back into the uncomfortable chair, he did not want her to see the vulnerability. He hated that she was here, in the room watching them kill him slowly. 

No one should ever have to see that. 

He felt her touch against his skin and held back the shiver that her touch brought. He yearned to comfort her but instead remained passive with his eyes closed. What good would a couple lies do? The truth was so evident, he feared his mere voice would give it away.

He felt the tickle of her warm breath fan across his cheek and he wanted so desperately to turn his head and capture her lips with his, to calm her nerves and put her mind at ease. Yet he couldn't bring himself to do it, he remained still controlling his breaths. 

He felt her take his hand and whisper into the still room. His breath hitched as the sound reached his ears.

"You will die, but now your life is free." 


Yes... free indeed.  


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