Alyssia and Caleb has been best friends for many years after drunk hook up things gets messed up and maybe there is more than friendship


1. Midnight


my head hurt like a shit. Caleb's hands were around me. i smiled and then screamed. "what the hell? Aly." Caleb's sexy morning voice roared. what. wait! did i just say 'Sexy' since when i though that something about him is SEXY?? "CALEB. i had funny dream. that we were..." i said to him as he stared at me because i had woken him up. he's eyes wide and then he looked his chest and then i noticed he didn't have a shirt. he had only  boxers on then his eyes landed over my body and he quickly threw a blanket over my body as he bite his lip. that made me realize  i was wearing only my BRA and Thongs. shit. it wasn't a dream. it really did happen.


 Flash back to yesterday

his lips felt so unreal. he definably is the best kisser. i couldn't stop and like i even wanted to. my stomach felt like it was on fire as we ripped our clothes quickly off. "As much as i would want to so badly. i can't do that. we are drunk Aly." he whispered to my ear as he kissed ear and moved to my neck making me moan. "i know.then lets not do that." i said keeping kissing him. "you know i am fucking horny. we better stop before i can't help myself and i will take you right now." he moaned biting  his lip and he was looking at me like he was in big pain. "but what if we just kiss." i said bringing my lips to his i was so addicted. "we can't. you keep moving  your hips against mine." he said as his hands moved to my butt and it made me realize that he was right. i have never been this needy in my hole life. "just few minutes then we can stop if you so want to." i said lying him down since i was sitting on his lap. "shiit. Alyssaa.. you know i really don't want to stop. but i have to. being drunk its not the way you want you to lose your virginity." he said.kissing my lips. "just give me a two minutes." i said kissing him and then moving to his neck and i saw him biting his lip hard like trying to control himself i moved down to his chest. i have always wanted to kiss and lick those hard abs. i am not weird but he's just so hot. he let a sexy throaty  groan before he wrapped his arms around me flipping us around so that he was on top he was kissing  at me hungrily the gently kissing was gone and he was like a animal but i loved it. he moved to my neck finding my neck and biting it leaving a mark what was going to be annoying tomorrow. he moved to my neck and to my chest kissing my breast but not taking my bra off. i really wanted him. i slipped my hand to his boxers but he froze and got next to me and took my hands to his and kissed my fore head. "please Alyssa. don't make it harder than it already is." he whispered pulling the blanket over our sweating bodies. "why not." i said turning to him. he kissed my lips softly. "you will thank me tomorrow. now get some sleep." he said wrapping arms around me before i drifted into deep sleep.

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