Shadow's Kiss

It's a love story between two people who had never see each other face to face, they talked online for weeks, they became close. They were two different people from two different countries, both fighting the same monster we call depression


3. The Plan (Xavier The Emo Freak)

After a couple weeks of talking I felt like I really need to see Rylie face to face, so I divised a plan: Step 1: Get my mother's credit card, Step 2: Lie about going over to a friends house for the weekend, Step 3: go to the airport, find a plane that is departing to America, Step 4: when I get to America, find Rylie and Step 5: Kiss her. I smiled at the last step and began to go down the stairs to my mother's purse, where I knew her credit card was, when I heard my stepfather yelled, "XAVIER GET YOUR ASS IN HERE!" I froze and walked into the living room, where to my horror, was my stepfather scrolling through my computer looking at all my messages that Rylie and I had sent each other over the weeks we had been talking. My stepfather looked at me and said in calm voice, even more scary than when he yells, "Who is Rylie? Your girlfriend, I told you no one wants to date an emo faggot like you and no one will ever love you, YOU FUCKING FREAK" he slaps me across the face, my pale skin is turned red by his slap. I didn't cry though. I vowed I would never cry in front of this monster. He threw my computer at me, luckily I caught it and I ran back into my room, locked the door. I found my lighter which I hide under my bed and began to burn my arms, whsipering, "Your a mistake, your a mistake, your mistake" over and over again 

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