Shadow's Kiss

It's a love story between two people who had never see each other face to face, they talked online for weeks, they became close. They were two different people from two different countries, both fighting the same monster we call depression


1. The Day I Met Rylie (Xavier The Emo Freak)

Xavier's POV

I sighed as I got home, ignoring, "Emo Faggot is back" from my stepfather, and went straight into my room, grabbed my laptop, put on some 5FDP, signed into Movellas, and began talking to my best friend and major crush, Rylie, aka 'Am I Worth It?', we would always talk to each for hours, we grew close due to fact that we both knew what it was like to be depressed and not like during school. I went on Movellas to ignore my stepfather's anger and my mother's ignoring me most of time. I love Rylie, even though she is dating someone else she loved me too. I just wish I could meet her for real, but she lived in U.S. and I lived in Russia. Maybe we would see each other one day

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