Shadow's Kiss

It's a love story between two people who had never see each other face to face, they talked online for weeks, they became close. They were two different people from two different countries, both fighting the same monster we call depression


13. Love Can't Be Broken (Suicidal Salad :3) (Final Chapter)

I never heard from my stepfather in Russia again. Maybe he didn't care. Maybe he didn't even notice I was gone. I didn't care if he was freaking out. I had Rylie so I was happy. I went to Rylie's house. Her parents were confused why she had brought home a Russian emo guy from the airport but she explained everything, they welcome me into their home. It was beautiful. Just like Rylie. I smiled. Rylie and I were finally together. I was finally truly home. I kissed Rylie in front of her parents, I didn't care though. I had wanted to do that since the day I met her. The day I met my true love. 

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