Shadow's Kiss

It's a love story between two people who had never see each other face to face, they talked online for weeks, they became close. They were two different people from two different countries, both fighting the same monster we call depression


5. It Is Time (Xavier The Emo Freak)

I waited until my stepfather was asleep before grabbing his car keys, some food, my iPod, earbuds, and many other things and stuffed them into a large bag. I wrote my stepfather a note, smiling as I wrote it. The note was:

Dear, Stepfather

I am leaving you and Russia for a girl I love, she lives in America

Goodbye forever. Xavier

P.S. Fuck You!

I walked out of my house for the final time, as I got into the car I didn't look back at my home, the only thing running through my mind was, "Here I come, Rylie".

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