Amnesia [Lashton] (BoyxBoy)

I was gonna get him to smile for me one way or the other, there was just something about him.



*I do not take any credit for the lyrics you will read.
"Take a sip of my secret potion, I'll make you fall in love,
For a spell that can't be broken
One drop should be enough.
Boy, you belong to me,
I got the recipe
And it's called black magic."

I have no idea why, but all that was on my mind the rest of the day was Ashton, and Black Magic, again I have no clue why. Sometimes I worry about myself, the only reason I know that song is because Calum listened to it while I was around like non-stop.
"Mum I'm home!" I yelled as I walked through the door and threw my book bag down on the floor.

"I'm in the kitchen with Ben and Jack!" Ben and Jack were my older, annoying, lazy brothers. I usually got what I wanted because I'm the youngest, I guess that's why Ben, Jack and I don't get along all the time, we have our good days, sometimes. I walked in the kitchen and smiled at my mom, FYI her name is Liz Hemmings. Thought you should know.

"How was school Hun?"

"Boring, but there was one interesting thing."

"Mm, and what was that?"

"Well there's this guy in my grade, I found this out from my new friend Michael, he never smiles, and he gets bullied a lot. I felt really bad for him."

"Okay and what was so interesting about that?" asked Ben.

"Hush, I wasn't done."

"Ben let your brother talk," my mum warned.

"Anyway, after I got my lunch I sat with him and all I got out of him was his name, he would-"

"What's his name?" asked mum.

"Ashton Irwin, and I couldn't even get him to look at me, he just stared at the table and acted as if he were sitting alone."

"Irwin... That's a weird name," I stared at my mum and decided she was right, but the name was unique so I liked it a little.

"Yes, but unique."

I walked out of the the kitchen and heard Jack say to Ben where mom couldn't hear them, "I bet he just wants his cock." I rolled my eyes and headed upstairs to my room, did my homework, showered, and went to bed, without dinner.
"You okay mate?" Michael snapped from my thoughts, witch again were focused on Ashton.

"Yeah I'm fine," I was, really it was just something about Ashton that was special.

"You sure? You're staring out into space, and just a second ago I heard you mumble something about Ash."

"Michael, thanks for being concerned, but I'm fine."

"Okay, sure Luke." Just then our English teacher, Ms. Pettit, assigned a assignment, we had to choose a partner, Michael of course, and we had to write a song and turn it in before Friday.

"Some of you may have to work at home, not alone, your partner has to help and be there so that way you can both get a say in the song. Got it?"

"Yes," said multiple people in the room.

"Guess that means I'm coming to yours," whispered Michael.

"Okay, but I'm gonna go ahead and warn you, my brothers can be annoying and their older, and my mom speaks her mind, so don't get offended when she says something about your hair, believe me, she will."

"Okay mate, thanks for the hea-" before he could finish the bell rang. "See ya at lunch Luke!" He ran out of the classroom.
Me saying talking to Ashton was easy would mean I was lying, it was talking to a wall, he never said anything back. I tried to get him to at least look at me, I got nothing. I eventually went and sat with Michael at another table. Maybe this was gonna be harder than I thought.

"So guys, this is Luke Hemmings and he's new here, he started Monday, I've made friends with him, now rather you will too or not, that's up to you." I guess Michael thought it was time to tell everyone my info.

"Hi," I said shyly, I glanced at a cute guy I will admit, he smirked and winked at me. Even though I tried to hide it I blushed and I just know he saw.

"Hey, I'm Dillon Baxter," he said back. I shook his hand smiled, winking back at him. "So what do you like to do?"

"Erm... I like to sing, I know that's girly but, hey at least it's a hobby," he chuckled.

"It's cool Hemmings." I shivered because the way he said my last name.

(Time skip)

After my last class I met up with Michael and we started walking to my place.

"Hold on I gotta call my mum and tell her where I'm at or she'll have the cops looking for me." I laughed.

"Okay, that's fine," we stopped in out tracks and Michael put the phone to his ear.

"Hey.... Yes... I'm going to a friends to work on a project for English... No," he glanced at me, "yes.... Okay... Love you too... Bye... I said bye mum." He hung up and I immediately laughed.

"So why'd you glance at me?"

"She asked if you were a boy or a girl."

"So you had to double check?" I smiled

"Hush," he smiled back. We had made it to my house.
[Ashton's POV:]

Okay, first off, I just wanna say, why does he talk to me everyday? I mean, I ignore him completely. I've glanced at him a few times, and I must say he's cute, the lip ring really makes me want to jump over the table and kiss hi- wait why? I just 'met' him, I shouldn't want to kiss him, that's gross. Kissing a stranger!

I hated this part of the day, going home. I live with my dad, I have a younger brother and a sister but I have never met them. I never liked going home to my dad, yeah I know that's pretty bad but you don't know what I know, but I'm sure you will find out.

I walked in the door and yelled, "I'm home." I got no answer, I walked in the living room, typical, he was passed out and a empty bottles of beer surrounded him. He gets angry when he drinks, I mean he's always angry, but it's worse when he drinks.

I grabbed my bag and headed to my room, I had had math and English homework, I have English with Luke and his friend Michael but I don't think they've noticed, which is fine, 'cause most people don't. I shut my bedroom door and sat in my bed. After about thirty minutes or so I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. That means my dad was awake.

"ASHTON IRWIN!" Oh god, what did 'I do' now?

"What?!" My door burst open and an angry faced man appeared in the doorway. He walked over to my bed and grabbed both my arms yanking me off my bed and sent me flying down the stairs.

[A/N:] Omfg. Guys I just wanted to say I love love love Lashton, it's my ultimate OTP. And I also wanted to say that this chapter is longer than any chapter in any of my other books, included the note at the beginning and this, is 1,235 words and counting. ^.^ thanks for reading!

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