Amnesia [Lashton] (BoyxBoy)

I was gonna get him to smile for me one way or the other, there was just something about him.


6. SIX

[Ashton's POV:]

I woke up in an unfamiliar territory, and there was a warm body laying slightly on top of me. I quickly and carefully slid out from under Luke. I couldn't find my cloths so I kept Luke's on, while I was still caught up in my thoughts, I heard a noise coming from Luke's bathroom and I noticed that Michael and Calum were "missing." I, being nosy, peeped through the key hole like an idiot and jumped back in horror.

"Oh Mikey... Oh.... Yeah.." Calum was sitting on the toilet and I bet you know what Michael was doing. Scarred for life, I ran back to the room and smiled at the cute blonde who was still fast asleep. But I couldn't stay longer, I had to leave. So I wrote Luke a note.

Dear Lukey, I had to leave. Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. Btw I saw Mike and Cal in the bathroom and they were uh.. I'd rather not relive the memory. Anyway, thanks for the cloths and letting me sleep here, I really appreciate it.
-Ashton :/
P.s. I took your cloths, couldn't find mine.
P.p.s. Look on the back.

[Luke's POV:]

Anyway, thanks for the cloths and letting me sleep here, I really appreciate it.
-Ashton :/
P.s. I took your cloths, couldn't find mine.
P.p.s. Look on the back.

Oh fuck, now I was worried sick, even though he told me not to be. I turned the note over.

Call/text me anytime Luke.

<12:40pm> To: Ahey <3
Hey it's Luke, are you okay?! :0

It took a few minuets, I had a mini anxiety attack while waiting, but he replied.

<12:50pm> To Lukey :)
Hey Luke. Yes I'm fine, dad wasn't home when I got here, thank god.

<12:51> To: Ashey <3
Oh thank the lord you're okay, I was worried sick cutie. ;)

<12:52pm> To: Lukey :)
Stop calling me cute Luke, I'm not cute. :/

<12:55pm> To: Ashey <3
The hell you aren't! You're the cutest, most adorable human being in the world! Okay? :3

<1:00pm> To: Lukey :)
Okay, whatever you say Luke. My dad just walked in downstairs, bye... :):/:(

<1:02pm> To: Ashey <3
Okay, but if he hurts you, you call me, got it?!

<1:04pm> To: Lukey :)
I'll try. I promise. Bye now.

<1:05pm> To: Ashey <3
Bye. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :*

I probably over did it with the kisses, but I couldn't help myself. As if my nerves weren't already bad enough, they got worse as soon as I got the text from Ashton at one saying his dad was home. I swear to god if he lays his hands on my Ashey, I'll literally run over there and kick his ass. Wait... My Ashey? I didn't mean that. I walked downstairs in silence and found Michael and Calum sitting awfully close on the couch, I sat next to them. "So you two have some explaining to do."

(Time skip)

After finding out that Calum and Michael, (Malum) were a thing now, and since it had been almost five hours since I had had heard from Ashton, I picked up my phone off the edge of dresser where it was laying charging and messaged him.

<6:24pm> To: Ashy <3
Hey, are you okay?

<6:40pm> To: Ashy <3
Ashton? Please answer, are you okay? I'm worried sick. I swear if your dad touched you...

<7:00pm> To: Ashy <3
Look, you can tell me anything. I'm here for you Ash.

The time reached 7:30 so I gave up. I decided to call Calum and see what he was up to, and to get some of the stress off my chest. He picked up after the third ring.

"Hey Luke!"

"H-hey," I lost it a bit and stuttered, and I knew that Calum had noticed the hurt in my voice, he knew me better more than anyone, even my mum.

"What's wrong? Is everything okay?"

"I-I honestly don't know. Ashton's dad came home and I tried texting him about an hour ago through 7:30 asking if he was okay but I d-didn't get a response."

"Ah, mate, I'm sure he's fine, yeah? Maybe he just has his phone off or something."

"Yeah, I didn't think of that," I admitted.

"Look, I've gotta call Mikey so just hang in there man, I'm sure he'll call you if he's in any kind of trouble."

"Okay, you're right," I sighed. "Bye Calum."

"Bye Lukey."

(Skip to 2:00am)

Buzzz, buzzz, buzzz. My phone vibrating on my chest at 1:59 in the morning woke me from a dead sleep, I picked it up reading the screen, Ashy <3. I quickly answered with a "hello" followed by a "are you okay?"

"I-I'm afraid n-not L-Luke," me and Calum's positive thinking had failed, as usual.

"Why? What happened?"

"H-he saw some of the texts from you on the phone, he didn't seem t-to care until he read the one when you c-called me cute."

My heart sank, had I caused him to get abused? "W-what happened after that?"

"H-he called me gay and a faggot, then, the worst p-part. He punch-ed m-me multiple times. In the face, neck, basically anywhere he could get his hands on."

I tested up. "I-it's my f-fault," I let out a whimper. "I'm s-sorry Ash."

"I-it wasn't your f-fault L-Lukey."

"But it w-was," after about a hour of crying and blaming myself for what happened, I said bye to Ashton and went to bed, we still had school in the morning.

(Time skip)

[Ashton's POV:]

An ache here, and an ache there caused me to loose sleep for most of the night last night, but I was already at school now, so there was nothing I could do about it. I felt bad for bringing Luke into my fucked up life last night, he blamed himself, it really wasn't his fault, it was mine, it was my fault my dad read the text between me and the blue-eyed boy

Luke shouldn't have to go through that much pain and stress, I knew I was only a burden to him, he just didn't wanna admit it. I bet he didn't even think I was cute and I bet he didn't like me.

Hours passed, it was suddenly time for lunch, I was kind've exited about seeing Luke even though I had my doubts in the back of my head. He doesn't like you, he never will because you're just a burden, a no good piece of shit. I sat down at the usual round table and smiled for a brief moment when someone sat down in front of me, but it wasn't Luke. It was some guy I had never seen before. "U-uh that seat is u-um taken," I stuttered, look at me, talking to a stranger.

"I know your boyfriend sits here, but guess what? I don't give a shit about that Luke kid. You're both just faggots who need to die for thinking it's okay for two people of the same gender like each other," he gave me a disgusting look and evilly smiled.

"What did you just say about Luke?"

"I said that I don't care about him and he's nothing but a F-A-G-G-O-T, fag-" he got cut off by me pouncing on top of him. He wasn't gonna sit there and not only call me a faggot but Luke too, hell to the no, I snapped.

I punched him in the face and all over his body, I wanted to take his balls and rip them straight off his body. My "playtime" was cut short when two teachers pried me off the guy.

"Irwin, that's detention for the rest of the week after lunch!" At least it was after lunch, I could still see Luke. But sadly Luke never showed up to lunch... Strange, I thought, Luke never missed school.

[A/N:] What'd ya think?! Where was Luke when he was needed? I'm so evil it's scary. Lmao. ^>^

Anyway, great pic of Luke at the top! I just wanna say, thanks for reading! I need you all to do me favor, please tell people about this book if you like it. Luke and Ashton are just so dame cuTE AS IT IS BUT LASHTON IS LIKE HOLLY FUCK! Sorry I tend to get exited. Bye guys! 🙅💁 

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