Amnesia [Lashton] (BoyxBoy)

I was gonna get him to smile for me one way or the other, there was just something about him.




[Luke's POV:]

I have to do this for Ashton. He needs to know how much I love him. My thoughts faded as I walked up to the two story house on the corner, Ashton's house that is. I was scared, but I kept Ashton on my mind. I shakily rung the door bell, an older man in his early fifties appeared in the doorway.

"Who are you and what do you want?" said Mr. Irwin, with an attitude. I smelt a beer scent all around him.

"A-are you Mr. Irwin?" I was so scared, but what happened next I wasn't expecting.

"Yeah, but who's aski-" all I remember next is my fist hitting his face and him pulling me inside, throwing me on the ground, Ashton, I won't be at lunch, I thought as his dad hit me over the head with a hard object and everything went black.

[Ashton's POV:]

Detention wasn't that bad, it was quite and peaceful. The teacher didn't even stay in the room with me. The only thing that was bothering me was that Luke wasn't at lunch and wouldn't answer my text that I managed to send without getting caught. I couldn't think of any reason as to why he'd miss school, it just wasn't like him. He started three months ago and hadn't missed a single day. Then again, maybe I'm blowing it out of proportion, maybe he's just sick or something. Right? Yeah.

Pushing the thoughts about the blonde-headed boy aside, I took my bracelets  off my arms and revealed the scars and fresh cuts, they itched really bad so I had to scratch them. The classroom door opened and the detention monitor walked in, giving me a scare and making me grab my bracelets and pull down my jacket sleeves to hide the mess.

(Time skip)

I got off the bus and instead of heading to my house I headed towards Luke's. I had to see what was up. I knocked on the door. A few minutes later Liz opened the door.

"Ashton! How are you?!" She pulled me in for a tight hug.

"I-I'm okay."

"That's great! So what do you need?"

"I was hoping to talk to erm, Luke."

"What? He didn't get off the bus with you?" Liz's face went from a happy expression to a worried one.

"N-no. H-he wasn't at school today."

"Oh my god! How? He got on the bus this morning!"

"C-calm down Mrs. Hemmings, I'm s-sure he's o-okay."

"I'm gonna go call him... Bye Ashton! Nice to see you." She then, not meaning to, I think, slammed the door in my face.

I walked home slowly, slightly worrying about Luke. I walked in the front door and ran to my room. I opened my door and jumped at the sight in front of me, covering my mouth as tears formed in my eyes.

"Would you care to tell me who this," he gestured toward Luke, "dirtbag of a boy is?" My dads words hurt me.

"He's my boyfriend- I mean friend!"

"What did you just say?" My dad stepped closer to me and I gulped, tears streaming down my face, and glanced at the lifeless body of Luke on the floor, blood coming from a wound on his head.

"N-nothing," that didn't work.

"My son isn't a faggot, he's not gay and he nevER WILL BE!" He grabbed me by the arm pushing me to the edge of the stairs, I whimpered and he let go of my arm. I tumbled down the stairs and hit my head on the floor below.

"Mmmm," was all I managed to get out, I got up and started walking upstairs. By the time I got up there my dad was hovering over Luke, he then kicked the blue-eyed dreamy boy several times.


"D-dad! S-stop! You're h-hurting him!" My dad lunged toward me but I ran, I ran and I didn't stop until I found myself banging on the door of the Hemming's residence. "Liz! Help!" I was surprised that I didn't stutter. She opened the door shortly after and I rushed in past her, she turned towards me shitting the door.

"Ashton?! What is it?" She gasped as she saw some of the new bruises from my trip down the stairs.

"My dad! He did this to me! A-and he's got Lukey! He's h-hurting him Liz, we have to help Lukey!" I fell to floor sobbing and Luke's older brothers ran from upstairs, hearing me yelling.

"Boys, Ashton's dad has Luke! His hurting him, and Ashton! Call the police!"

"No need for police," said Ben, "I'm getting my brother!"

"So am I!" Screamed Jack. They both ran out the door and Liz rushed to my side.

[Luke's POV:]

Shortly after Ashton ran away from the house his dad started kicking and punching me again. He hit me so hard that my lip ring came halfway out.

"LUKE?!" I recognized the voices that screamed my name in unison, my brothers.

"I-I'm up here!" I tried to yell, but it turned out to be a whisper. My brothers still made there way to the room and saw me on the ground with blood all of me, Ben attacked Ashton's dad while Jack helped me up and we headed outside where he dialed 911. Ben rushed out next and somehow Ashton and my mum had made it to the scene.

"Oh my god! Luke!" She ran up to me and touched my head. This was gonna be a long night.

(Time skip)

"Thank you for your corporation Mrs. Hemmings. Now, we'd like to talk to Ashton please." I followed behind Ashton because I wanted to ease drop on what they said. "Ashton, do you have any close by family that wouldn't mind taking you in for a while?" Ashton shook his head no. "Then you'll have to go to the state, basically a group home." Ashton's head dropped.

"Uh- he could stay with us," I spoke up. I motioned for my mum to come over.

"Well I guess that would be okay. Mrs. Hemmings, would that be okay with you?" My mum looked at me, then at Ashton, and replied to the officer.

"Yes. That's perfectly fine with me," she gave a warm smile. Looks like Ashton and I would be sharing a bed way more often now.

[A/N:] ^~^ I'm so evil! I'm sorry! It hurt me actually when I had to write the part were Luke and Ashton got abused, especially Lukey! So let me know what you think so far, this book is not even close to being done, which you probably knew that since it's only the seventh chapter. There is a pic of Luke at the top! Also, when I wrote 911 earlier the word count was 911! How ironic, I'm annoying aren't I? I'm SORRY! Anyway, thanks for reading! I'll update some more chapters soon!
-Nick 😜😝

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